Today the mysterious on-and-off nausea of the past few weeks is the most on it's been yet. I am sulky and mortal. I want to write fic and I have ideas but the word engine keeps stalling. I would like to try jolting it with prompts, so here are memes appropriated from tumblr and dreamwidth posts:

Give me characters and a text from last night (in the unlikely event that anyone reading this is unfamiliar with the concept, be warned, particularly if you have an embarrassment squick or are not already wildly misanthropic)

Give me characters and one of the following scenarios (pared down to favourites from this list):
1. Bodyswap
2. Huddling together for warmth
3. Amnesia
4. Forced to share a bed/fake relationship
5. Handcuffed
6. Wingfic (already writing this but it's a monster and will take forever, so I'll happily give it another, shorter stab)
7. Let’s play truth or dare (already sort of writing this; see above)
8. Aphrodisiacs
9. Apocalypse fic
10. Someone has (custody of) a baby

Give me ship(s) and one of the following scenarios (adapted/expanded from this list):
a) grinding up against other character
b) moaning another character's name
c) stripping off
d) sexting
e) giving a strip tease
f) giving a lap dance (already trying to write this too)
g) being drenched whilst wearing white
h) leaping into other character’s arms
i) confessing a fetish
j) pinning other character against a wall
k) trying to turn other character on
l) successfully turning other character on
m) turning other character off
n) tying other character up
o) spanking other character
p) interrupted during some “private time”
q) interrupted while having a “friend” over
r) flashing other character
s) having an erotic dream about other character
t) bending over seductively to pick something up in front of other character
u) hickeys
v) playing footsie
w) trying to go get the other character off under the table during dinner
x) showering/bathing together
y) breaking the bed/chair/desk/boat/whatever
z) communicating in code or non-verbal cues
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