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( May. 27th, 2015 01:42 pm)
1. Feminist Mad Max memery. Thanks, internet.

1a. If anybody knows of a clean camrip or other viddable source, please tell me? I have Ideas.

2. Happy Birthday Bruce Cockburn! You are great.

This week has been a week of agony. Going through painkillers and tiger balm at alarming rates. Stupid connective tissue.

I've watched a bunch of this year's Festivids and enjoyed them but the two that have made me go "SHUT UP THIS VID IS IMPORTANT" are "White Telephone" (Halloween series, non-remakes), because it highlights why, despite its truly ridiculous title, Halloween H20: 20 Years Later is a really fascinating and I think important contribution to the horror genre because [insert dissertation-length ramble about slasher/stalker/serial killer movies as a site of entanglement of violence and sex and Georges Bataille and final girls and the madonna-whore problem and non-fictional trauma survivors and what happens after the credits roll and Jamie Lee Curtis' career and the epistemological and ontological differences between the Halloween films of the 1970s-90s and Rob Zombie's 00s reboots and the phenomenon of horror remakes and franchise reboots more generally and the place and influence of Halloween in the phylogeny of horror cinema and and and], and "I'll Be There for You" (Pit Bulls and Parolees), because PUPPIES.
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I think I've finally settled on what to request for [community profile] festivids! Offering is much easier, I find, though I've made a real effort to pair down my offers this year to only things I really want to vid, pretty much regardless of the particular request, rather than ticking every box I could.

C&Ped from the sign-up form, no additional information (apologies, vidder! I'll be sure to signpost it if I come back and add anything at a later date), but shared for the curious and for the possibility of treats (yay treats!).

My requests . . . made more sense before saving the form auto-alphabetized them )
The March Mini-Challenge at [community profile] kink_bingo was to try something you hadn't done before. blahbidiblahtoomanywords ) Here's a selection of clips from throughout the 10-episode run of The Unusuals with transcripts and commentary/meta wherein I argue that Jason Walsh (Jeremy Renner) is a sadistic dominant top who doesn't know it yet, that could count towards "gender play" as much as to "masters doms slaves & subs" because (as I shall argue below) there's a pretty heavy conflation between dominance and masculinity in Jason's mind.

The following video is about 21 minutes long, with 3-second breaks between clips so you can watch it all one go or pause between clips, as you prefer. I've mostly tried to cut around plot spoilers both for individual episodes and for series arcs as much as was viable to make my point, but the video and commentary do contain spoilers both major and minor for various events over the course of the series. I tried very hard to not just throw in every scene of Walsh being awesome or adorable or naked (that would be at least another couple hours' worth of footage). You may want to actually watch the show (all 10 episodes available free, streaming, on YouTube, thanks to before you watch/read the rest of this post.

Password is "jasonwalsh"

From Episode 1, "Pilot"
1a )
1b )
1c )
1d )
1e )

From Episode 2, "Boorland Day"
2a )
2b )
2c )
2d )
2e )
2f )

From Episode 3, "One Man Band"
3 )

From Episode 4, "Crime Slut"
4a )
4b )

From Episode 5, "42"
5a )
5b )
5c )

No clips from Episode 6, 'The Circle Line', because )

From Episode 7, "The Tape Delay"
7a )
7b )

No clips from Episode 8, 'The Dentist', because )

From Episode 9, "The Apology Line"
9a )
9b )

From Episode 10, "The E.I.D." *yes, 10b before 10a, because 10a is kind of 'the money shot' in terms of the argument I'm trying to make*
10b )
10a )
YOU GUYS GUESS WHAT! Somebody ([personal profile] jessalae) made me a preeeesent! Well, I suppose it's not technically a present because I commissioned it in a fandom fundraiser (I'm a patron of the arts!), but IT IS AWESOME NONETHELESS. It's called Multiverse Criminology and it is a Community/Fringe crossover in which Evil!Abed and Troy create a Fringe event crossing into the Redverse, and are promptly rounded up by Altlivia & crew (including Altstrid, wonderful Altstrid), and it is pretty much perfect. The first sentence made me laugh out loud and it rolls along from there.

With that important bit of squee out of the way, I shall move on to the double crux (crotch?) of this post, to whit: falling into Avengers Movieverse fandom and my big shiny crush on Jeremy Renner, with many helpful videos and links, mostly about The Unusuals I LOVE THE UNUSUALS )

I think it's time for more icons. There, icon'd.
Title: A Dangerous Symmetry
Music: "Symmetry" by Little Boots feat. Phil Oakey (slightly shortened)
Length: 4:06
Video source(s): A Dangerous Method (2011)
Character(s): Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Emma Jung, Sabina Spielrein
Kink(s): ageplay, authority figures, begging, blades, bloodplay, bodies and body parts, bodily secretions, body alteration/injury, bondage (wrist restraints), danger, dirty talk, domestic/tradesman kink, emotion play, exposure, food, gender play, held down, humiliation (situational), in public, masters doms slaves & subs, medical kink, mirrors and doubles, obedience, oral fixation, penance/punishment, pervertibles, phonesex/epistolary, pictures, possession/marking, prostitution/sex work, spanking/paddling, vanilla kink, vehicular, virginity/celibacy, washing/cleaning, wet messy dirty, whipping/flogging, worship
Summary: Vid of a biographical film about doctors, patients, teachers, students, marriage, affairs, madness, sanity, virginity, experience, age, youth, science, spirituality, Jews, protestants, Swiss, Austrians, Russians, wealth, the middle class, joy, suffering, and 'canonical' sadomasochism, among other things

Notes: Contains violence, cinematic depictions of mental illness and historical treatment practices, infidelity, nudity (nipples), and flashy/stuttery/stroby editing effects; no other standard notes apply.
Created in a frantic vidding binge over about three days for the "All You Can Kink" mini-challenge at [community profile] kink_bingo. Decided to try some new editing tricks while also cramming in as much of the source as possible (still had to leave out the part with Otto Gross), may have gone overboard on both counts.

embedded video, download links, and lyrics behind the cut )
First things first: It's here it's here it's here it's here! [community profile] festivids! For the restavids! The masterlist of this year's vids is here, and you can use the tag sidebar to navigate this and previous years. I've got lots more I want to say about this year's vids (patterns in source and song choices, recs, etc.), but for now I'm going to stick to squeeing about MY TWO GIFT VIDS! I had no idea what to expect, after my requests went up for pinch-hitters twice before deadline, but I ended up receiving two lovely shiny vids all for my very own. They are, alphabetically by source and title, Fearless (Red), a gorgeously dreamy Ivan/Victoria vid (hearts, glowing hearts forever), and New In Town (Whip It), which is just, EEEEE, ear-to-ear grins, everything I love about that wonderful film boosted by a deliciously zippy song. Basically they are both MADE OF WIN. Go, watch, and leave glowing feedback!

You can also have a go at guessing which one I made (only one, after all; the treat I was working on did not happen in time though it will get posted eventually), if you want, though please play along and keep things anonymous on the Festivids community until reveal (February 4th). The music's a dead giveaway, I think, and I basically announced the fandom in a locked post not long ago so it's probably not much of a challenge for those who've been following for a while, but whatevs.

Snowflake challenge is officially over, but I still have a few days incomplete that I'd like to wrap up. Meant to do this last weekend (when Day 13, rec some canon, so conveniently nearly coincided with More Joy Day) but got distracted with stuff like cleaning and STRESS and finishing my [community profile] ante_up_losers fic (and asking it how the hell it's managed to be longer than the one I wrote last year when this was supposed to be simple PWP) and WATCHING ALL THE GREEN WING (so awesome), which brings me to . . .

Day 12 do-over! Not because I regret reccing Miranda, it's still a great series, but as I said last post the available fanworks are not really that effective as propaganda (although there is now a new best vid, thanks to Festivids, that provides a much more compelling WATCH THIS SHOW! intro/pitch--it's clearly Gary/Miranda but not in a schmaltzy way and it's got lots of Miranda+Stevie BFFs and some key Clive, Penelope, and Tilly moments too, and a great happy chosen-family-of-weirdos vibe overall, and I highly recommend it). Green Wing, for all that it too really must be experienced to be believed because it is revolutionary comedy awesome, is easier to appreciate in small, out-of-context portions. A stratigraphically rich (in Julian Rhind-Tutt's word, "levular") masterpiece of television created by Victoria Pile and other veterans of Smack the Pony (awesome sketch comedy made mostly by women) a genre hybrid that's as much hospital drama, but with as little medicine as possible while still making full use of the setting (filmed in two actual, operating hospitals, btw, shot almost guerilla-style around actual staff and patients going about their business) and sketch show full of sudden surreal digressions and random events as it is VERY after-the-watershed sitcom (ruder and less kind than Miranda, in every regard), shot mostly in long steadycam takes that speed up and slow down to emphasize body language, mask corpsing, and cover cuts between takes, with lots of improv and a fearless cast (especially Mark Heap, wow, and Pippa Haywood and Michelle Gomez and really everybody, but especially Mark Heap). The plots, if you try to describe them, are pure soap opera, but the ways the (mostly immature well beyond the poor communication skills regular hospital dramas seem to demand and in one way or another severely dysfunctional) characters get themselves into and out of and respond to the situations are ridiculously original and sometimes just ridiculous (Sue White WTFBBQ), such that it can produce both a slew of intensely 'shippy vids (mostly involving Caroline, Guy, and/or Mac; my favourite so far for editing and preserving the energy of the show is Mr. Brightside) as well as, well, this (the [ profile] futuresoon vid of much kinetic hilarity that [personal profile] petra recced for Day 12 that first piqued my interest). As for fic, the talent pool is so far both broader and deeper than for Miranda in terms of AO3 entries; I looked at all 44 stories (yet ruled out reading all 22 Twitch City entries as being too many last week, no I don't know what is wrong with me but I'll correct that later) and my favourites are probably Medical Research (despite squicky "seduction using teen mag advice" premise; surprisingly sweet Boyce/Statham with some very clever touches), Are You Coming? (among the funniest of the many Guy/Mac entries), Two Guys in a Bar (among the most eloquently and sweetly poignant Guy/Mac entries), and Misty Watercolor Memories (among the tenderest post-finale Guy/Caroline\Mac stories--spoilers, obviously).

Other things that may be of interest:
The Multi-Fandom Cuddling Meme 2: Cuddle Harder
The Bechdel Test Comment Ficathon Episode II
Image of unwrapped, multicolored condoms, in rows, facing up. Text on image: Fandom Supports Scarleteen. Sex Ed for the real world.
Fandom Supports Scarleteen!
[dw community profile] scarleteenfans has been the premier online sexuality resource for young people worldwide since 1998. Countless members of various fandoms have used information from Scarleteen when making fanworks, as well as in our own lives. They were there when we needed them. Now they need us.
Offer or bid on fanworks to support the best sex ed site on the web!

Auction closes January 23rd! Get your bids in now!

And now my asshole neighbours are attempting to hotbox the house again and my closed vents are doing fuck-all to stop it and I have to try to knock myself out with valerian root because I don't have the spoons to go anywhere else.
OMG NEW PARKS AND RECREATION SPOILERS ) Okay, now that's out of the way . . .

Today's Snowflake challenge is to "rec at least three fanworks that you think would make a good intro into XYZ fandom," which sort of fits in with my More Joy Day plan of talking about a bunch of media things, except that was going to mostly be about sources, not fanworks, so now I have to figure out which ones even work for reccing with fanworks. Small, but not too small--like, I could rec all three Trigger fics in the AO3 because they are all very good (even though I kind of feel like one-and-a-half of the ones that aren't by me are maybe more appropriately considered Hard Core Logo fic because they're so much about Bill[y], who, yes, is in Trigger, but for barely more than one scene, and--no, I take that back, I sound like Robert Sawyer trying to claim the title of Only Living Canadian Science Fiction Writer because all the others are really American, or don't exclusively write sci-fi, or are women, etc., and that's just not cool. They are good stories and it is the same universe so why am I being silly? I just hope that more people write in this fandom and write about the amazing women in it). And some of the things I thought of to mention today (now yesterday) don't have anything in the AO3 (which I know is not the only place that fic lives, but for all its problems it is the one that I like best), so how about . . .

Miranda! )

More More Joy Day recs coming up . . .
Title: Jealous of Your Cigarette
Music: "Jealous of Your Cigarette" by Hawksley Workman
Length: 2:35
Video source(s): *deep breath* Better Than Chocolate, Black Snake Moan, Blade Runner, Bound, Charlie's Angels, Clay Pigeons, Confidence, Death Proof, Dirty Pretty Things, Domino, Eastern Promises, Fight Club, Gattaca, Ginger Snaps, Grease, Hard Core Logo, Heathers, Kalifornia, Kill Bill Vol. 2, Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Men with Brooms, New Waterford Girl, Out of Sight, Planet Terror, Prey for Rock & Roll, Pulp Fiction, Push, Reservoir Dogs, Secretary, Shortbus, Smokin' Aces, St. Trinian's, Strange Days, Stranger Than Fiction, Suspicious River, The Usual Suspects, Walk the Line, Watchmen, Wilby Wonderful, Women in Trouble, X-Men, X-Men 2: X-Men United, Young People Fucking . . . I think that's all of them?
Character(s): um . . . lots
Kink(s): drugs/aphrodisiacs
Summary: Frenetic multi-fandom vid of smoking (mostly cigarettes, some spliffs and cigars) in Western/English-language (mostly North American) feature films


How does a lifetime non-smoker and longtime anti-smoking nag reconcile knowing the dangers and hating the smell of tobacco smoke with finding the visual and auditory sensory dimensions (at least on film) painfully sexy? I still don't know.
Notes: Contains some shots of underage or canonically related characters that were not necessarily originally sexual but appear sexualized in this context; a few shots of self-harm with lighters or lit things (or many, if you count inhaling carcinogens etc.); various nonconsensual actions (blowing smoke in someone's face, taking away their cigarette, shaking them, lighting a cigarette off their burning hand, etc.). Also lots of quick cuts, sped-up clips, flares of light, and some specifically NSFW images and audio. Basically, ALL THE NOTES.
I was going to wait to post this with the other vids I'm making for that line (yes I am going for a five vid line during amnesty) but looked at the project again tonight while finishing my Festivid and decided it was ready to post. Did not know how to remove letterboxing when I was clipping for this video, not going to go back and correct it now. Big thanks to everybody who suggested sources for me to look at, and know that if your suggestion did not make it in it's not because it wasn't good (I just hit and then fell over the point of TOO MUCH SOURCE).

embedded video, download links, and lyrics/transcript behind the cut )
[ profile] stainofmylove started this "Holiday wishlist meme" thing a few years ago (rules below, but basically you post a list of stuff, fannish, abstract, or material, that you want, and grant each other's wishes if you can) and I think it is pretty great, so I am going to do my best to participate and hope that some of you lovely folks on Dreamwidth will get into it too. I'm not sure why this has to be a "holiday"-specific thing, myself, but it does work better if everybody's playing at once, even though there are really no time limits, so I guess this arbitrarily selected season is as good as any. (SoML's list, btw, is here.)

The Rules )

My Wishlist )
Assignment received! *rubs hands together like a mad scientist* This should be fun. We only matched on one fandom, but the request gives me a really great angle in and I have the perfect song for it (a bit long, and hard to trim down, but I'll make it work). I hope making touching vids from silly sources is as fun as making silly vids from touching sources . . .

Now is probably a good time to post my Dear Festividder letter, as many have already done:

Dear Festividder! )

ETA: Ha! It looks like I was the odd player out? One request went up on the community page looking for a pinch-hitter to fill it even before the assignments went out, and it was mine. It feels nice at least to know that whoever claimed it actually picked me (sort of)!
Who has two thumbs and is eager to receive her Festivids assignment? I offered a pretty long list of fandoms, so I'm curious to see what I'll get matched on. In the meantime I'm keeping those itchy vidding digits busy making stuff for [community profile] kink_bingo, to post during amnesty, while also waiting for word on actual paying work (should probably send off a round of applications for seasonal retailmonkeywork before the window closes).

Speaking of [community profile] kink_bingo, I'm pretty proud of what I accomplished this year. it ain't bragging if it's true, Dan Bern says Cassius Clay said )

Thinking about whether to sign up for any other challenges this season (dSSS, Yuletide, three_ships, etc.), or to just focus on what's already on my plate (the aforementioned + finishing auctioned music mixes, podfic, and as-yet unclaimed knitting project from [ profile] helpsomalia, and leaning toward the latter because I don't know what curveballs life might throw at my head. I will be on the lookout for small promptfests and the like, when I have spoons, and may try hosting a few or participating more in [community profile] duesouth_kink and [community profile] fic_promptly.

On that approximate note: I know I'm late jumping in on Five Acts Exchange Round Five, but I thought I'd give it a try. Basically, to play, you post a list of five acts/kinks/tropes/themes you like to read about to your own journal, along with a list of fandoms and ships you prefer to read, and then link the list back to the master list above, so that people can find it and leave you ficcy presents (or potentially presents in any medium--it's geared towards commentfic but I don't think the rules disallow other fanworks). Anyway, this is what I'm in the mood for right now )

ETA: Five Acts is fun! )

Also, I renewed my Dreamwidth subscription for another six months! Yaaaay paid features and warm feelings of supporting a good cause!
Title: Nothing I'd Like Better than to Fall
Music: "Fear" by Sarah McLachlan
Length: 3:54
Video source(s): Defying Gravity
Character(s): Zoe Barnes, Jen Crane, Rollie Crane, Claire Dereux, Maddux Donner, Evram Mintz, Paula Morales, Arnel Poe, Nadia Schilling, Ajay Sharma, Ted Shaw, Steven Wassenfelder, Eve Weller-Shaw (highlights canon 'ships, sexual and non-)
Kink(s): suspension
Summary: Antares crew <3 space
Notes: No standard content notes apply, but vid contains quick motion/cuts and a few shots of blood and burned flesh.
embedded video, download links, lyrics, and expanded notes/canon primer (kinda spoilery) behind the cut )
Title: Before I Knew
Music: "Before I Knew" by Basia Bulat
Length: 1:22
Video source(s): Bronson (2008)
Character(s): Michael Peterson aka Charlie Bronson
Kink(s): caged/confined
Summary: Charlie <3s Prison
Notes: Brief violence (very minimal given the source material; basically I cut around all the punching and beating with batons and this is what was left over); no other standard content notes apply. Edit 25/06/11: new version posted, fixed some transitions I wasn't happy with before. Concrit is still appreciated.
download link, embedded video and lyrics behind the cut )
Kinda wary about how to post this, because I want people to see it but I'm hesitant about connecting this journal to my real name (not that I do a very good job of keeping the two separate otherwise . . .). Ah well.

Remember that twenty-minute video installation project I was working on for the Ethnographic Appetites/Feeding the Senses conference/exhibition at York University? Well, I finished it, on time for the March 12th conference, only it's three times as long as I said it would be (one hour and fourteen seconds). Oops (what can I say, I kept falling in love with dialogue scenes, and those eat up time like time-eating locusts). This was the first video-editing project that I've completed all on my own, and a wildly ambitious one at that, so the learning curve was steep. I can see a lot of things that I'd do differently if I did it again, clumsy cuts I'd like to finesse and material I'd like to integrate (so many clips I just didn't have time to collect), but given the givens I'm pretty satisfied with what I was able to accomplish. My humble thanks to everyone who pointed me at or gave me access to sources, and deepest, wettest gratitude to the creators of [community profile] kink_bingo, [personal profile] eruthros and [personal profile] thingswithwings, for providing such invaluable resources as the [community profile] kink_wiki and the Ridiculous Giant Kink Bingo Playlist, without which this project could never have been completed.

description of project, adapted from submitted abstract )

disclaimer/content note/'warning' )

embed and download links )

list of sources (by segment, in order of first appearance) )
My plan was to stay in as much as possible this weekend to work on the Paying Gig and to save my spoons for the next three which will be busy-busy (I'm already double- or triple-booked at one or more points each next weekend and the one two after, and the one between is Headstones Time). That hasn't quite worked out so far, mostly because our new roommates MJ (human), Alaska (old lady poodle dog), Beowulf (pushy cat), and Shiloh (dim bulb cat, who is either lost in the dark downstairs right now or attempting to echolocate) moved in for real today, and between helping to move things in and move things around and assemble Ikea furniture (and, tbh, plotting my C6Dbb in chat with fellow participants--thanks again for helping me pick a bunny!--and watching Festivids vids, see below) ate up more of the day and evening than anticipated. Sigh.

[community profile] festivids went live today! I didn't participate, but I did upload a couple of sources to a secret source place for vidders to use, so I feel a little like I contributed anyway. I've really enjoyed almost every link I've clicked on. these are some of my favourites in approximate order of increasing adoration )


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