Everybody who snagged perfume samples from my last post, your packages are in the mail (except for [personal profile] commodorified, cuz we're still working out details). I very much hope that they will all reach you safely and in good time.

I'm quite tempted to participate in [community profile] unconventionalcourtship (panfandom challenge where you write fic using plots yanked from summaries of Harlequin or Mills & Boon novels), to the point where I've actually started nosing through summaries looking for prompts. I've found four I think might be fun to play around with (and several others that look hilarious or incomprehensibly weird; I REALLY hope somebody writes this one [and keeps the title, because it is amazing], especially if it's mpreg). Right now I'm only really feeling drawn and able to write MCU* or Game of Thrones, but that still leaves me a LOT of potential ships to play with.

The summaries I'm considering repurposing are (copied verbatim from the websites & apparently not proofread):
Flirting with the Forbidden )
The Secret Ingredient )
This Beautiful Thing )
Too Hot for TV )

(and I thought I abused ellipses . . .)

Because I am basically incapable of making even relatively trivial decisions by myself, I throw myself upon the mercy of the dwircle and ask your help in narrowing down possibilities:
ticky boxes )

*Or rather, I feel like I will be able to write MCU once I have seen Cap2; right now I am paralyzed by the looming proximity of Moar Canon and its sidekick Inevitable Jossing like a rabbit in the shadow of a hawk (or dare I say . . . a Falcon?). GoT presents a similar stress, given how soon season four will be starting, but between the fact that the books already provide a version of events past the aired point and the odds that anything I write will be either canon divergence or total AU, it's not as big a deal.

**NGL, I ship both SanSan and SanMar with some intensity, but with the proviso that fanworks have to either grant Sansa the necessary age & experience to give meaningful consent or acknowledge (& occasionally embrace) the inherent sketchiness of the relationship in the case of Sandor, and know where they stand on the "is Margaery totally playing Sansa with intention to exploit" question in the case of Margaery.


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