Find enclosed two mini-picspams (four pictures each) for the [community profile] kink_bingo December mini-challenge (tiny fanwork bingo), using stills from the first two episodes of Flashpoint. I apologize for the somewhat scuzzy image quality; I'm still getting control of my new computer (think I've figured out now how fix the interlacing problem, but can't be arsed to go back and re-cap). No standard content notes apply; picspams also feature uniforms, guns, and cameras.

Mini-picspam #1: Authority Figures )

Mini-picspam #2: Exhibitionism )
Here is a picspam for the "silk velvet feathers fur" square on my first 2011 Kink Bingo card curated and compiled from hundreds of screenshots I took from the dvd of Red (2010), mostly of Ivan and Victoria though other characters do appear (and if you called this a 'ship manifesto for an Ivan\Victoria/Sarah\Frank sedoretu, I would not disagree). I tried to focus on all the big fluffy fur coats and fur hats and other fancy clothes and luxurious materials, because there are a lot of them (nearly everything Victoria and Ivan wear looks tantalizingly touchable) but I got rather distracted, as I think the cinematographer did, by their beautiful, beautiful faces. Some violence; no other standard content notes apply, but broad-strokes spoilers for the film lurk within.
images and descriptions/commentary behind the cut )

In conclusion, there should be more fic for this movie. Thank you.


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