Seen a handful of people posting wishlists lately, as is customary when nights get long. Feel (irrationally) guilty joining them because I haven't done anything to answer anybody else's lists yet, but I have wishes and maybe answering them will fulfill somebody else's wish, YA NEVER KNOW.

I wish for crossed fingers/good energy to help me get the job I applied for today or another, better one.

I wish for the motivation to accomplish all the cleaning I've been meaning to get to :/

I'm always interested in recs/directions towards anything you think I might like, be that fic, music, meta, movies, books incl. genre fiction popcorn reads, knitting patterns, random funny stuff--including (maybe even especially) things the recommender has made themselves.

If you want to write/create some new fanwork for me, I'll take Mass Effect, Sense8, Pride, Flashpoint, MCU (even though I'm mad at canon), The Losers, Peaky Blinders, Penny Dreadful, Prey for Rock'n'Roll, [personal profile] graydon's Commonweal series :D , or anything else you have reason to suspect I'd enjoy (I've never done [community profile] fandom_stocking and probably won't this year either but I'm thinking about it; if I do sign up I'll link to it).

I don't wish for material goods but if you want to send me physical media (cds, dvds, books, etc.), BPAL (esp. "Breathless Horror", or check posts tagged "scents" to read what I've tried so far), fibre arts paraphernalia, houseplants, or nickel-free earrings, I will not say no.

What I want most right now, though, is someone(s) to brainstorm fic with me, because I want to write and post something new but am stumped (or stalled by inertia) on pretty much everything I've started. Magically solving all my indecisive frustration with brilliant ideas would be great but just nodding and asking for clarification while I rant would be helpful. I'm specifically seeking help with Mass Effect now because that's where my mind's at and I've got stacks of WiPs to deal with--you don't need to know canon to help! if you do that's extra awesome!--but if you want to offer support for other stuff I'll still eagerly take it (or just love you for offering). For ME I'm struggling both with plot/structure for multiple stories (some of which might be one giant story?) and with filling in/making up sex practices and other cultural details for non-human sophont species, so if either of those things row your boat lemme know!
Almost immediately after the last smells post I ordered two more envelopes of stuff from people on the BPAL Madness forum, because I obviously don't already have more blends than I'm realistically able to wear.

This first batch are all from collections outside the BPAL general catalogue: two Halloweenies, three Yules (special seasonal offerings--this year's Yule collection just went up and I'm eyeing a couple of bottles, if anybody wants to do a group order?) and one from the Lab's Neil Gaiman partnership series (scents based on his work, proceeds to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund).

In the usual order of blech to yum: )
I've had these oils since mmmmmmmMay? and never got around to reviewing them. Haven't really played much with scent-things since then, or definitely not since before summer travelling--the combination of summer heat and my sweet-amping skin was pretty gross, and there are signs in all the (women's) washrooms at school reminding people about the no-scent policy (which I think is mostly meant to mean "do not saturate this enclosed space with atomized chemicals" but I've been respecting it, and it seems like most other people on campus have too and that's awesome), and on non-school days I'm either doing something with my hands that doesn't pair well with smelly wrists or I just don't think of it. Going to make some effort to change that last thing.

Anyway, reviews. Kinda hard to rank this batch, they've all got pros and cons, so this isn't a firm order.

BPAL x 4 )
it says on the tin )
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( Mar. 6th, 2014 12:48 pm)
Perfume using people--how do you quickly and effectively remove bad or unwanted smells from your body?

I've tried dish detergent, shampoo, rubbing alcohol, and baking soda, as well as regular soap and water, and I still usually need to go through at least two or three of the above to get all the smell off.
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( Mar. 2nd, 2014 07:06 pm)
Having once more shied away from posting anything here for about a billion years, I am now attempting to start again. And what am I posting about, this first time back? Smells!

Since both [personal profile] thatyourefuse and [personal profile] recessional have been sharing perfume reviews lately, I've finally caved to curiosity (chemistry! embodiment! sensory play!) and ordered some smells for myself.

in which I talk at some length mostly about BPAL )


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