Today the mysterious on-and-off nausea of the past few weeks is the most on it's been yet. I am sulky and mortal. I want to write fic and I have ideas but the word engine keeps stalling. I would like to try jolting it with prompts, so here are memes appropriated from tumblr and dreamwidth posts:

Give me characters and a text from last night (in the unlikely event that anyone reading this is unfamiliar with the concept, be warned, particularly if you have an embarrassment squick or are not already wildly misanthropic)

Give me characters and one of the following scenarios (pared down to favourites from this list):
1. Bodyswap
2. Huddling together for warmth
3. Amnesia
4. Forced to share a bed/fake relationship
5. Handcuffed
6. Wingfic (already writing this but it's a monster and will take forever, so I'll happily give it another, shorter stab)
7. Let’s play truth or dare (already sort of writing this; see above)
8. Aphrodisiacs
9. Apocalypse fic
10. Someone has (custody of) a baby

Give me ship(s) and one of the following scenarios (adapted/expanded from this list):
a) grinding up against other character
b) moaning another character's name
c) stripping off
d) sexting
e) giving a strip tease
f) giving a lap dance (already trying to write this too)
g) being drenched whilst wearing white
h) leaping into other character’s arms
i) confessing a fetish
j) pinning other character against a wall
k) trying to turn other character on
l) successfully turning other character on
m) turning other character off
n) tying other character up
o) spanking other character
p) interrupted during some “private time”
q) interrupted while having a “friend” over
r) flashing other character
s) having an erotic dream about other character
t) bending over seductively to pick something up in front of other character
u) hickeys
v) playing footsie
w) trying to go get the other character off under the table during dinner
x) showering/bathing together
y) breaking the bed/chair/desk/boat/whatever
z) communicating in code or non-verbal cues
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From: [personal profile] thatyourefuse

Your choice:

1. Steve/Sam/Natasha, "A good drinking club with a running problem, improves endurance in both I have observed this evening."

2. Vanessa + anyone of your choice, 9.

3. Tommy/Polly, Q.
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From: [personal profile] jenna_thorn

oh poor Sam. At least he'll be in a position to point and laugh at someone else next time she pulls this stunt. 8-)
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From: [personal profile] kore

Aww that's great. (Steeeeeeve.) (I was so happy when they didn't kill Sam off in WS. I spent like 80% of that movie expecting him to die any minute.)

//needs Black Widow icon
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From: [personal profile] kore

My refrain during the second hour was 'NO KILLING SAM, MOVIE'

For a horrible moment it looked like BUCKY was going to kill Sam and I would have broken the TV but luckily, no. Sam was awesome. T and I also went nuts trying to figure out where we'd seen Anthony Mackie before because he was so familiar but I looked through his IMDB entry and absolutely nothing pinged me. (Maybe it was that Law and Order CI ep? We saw like every single one of those.....that looked like it was a while ago, tho.)
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From: [personal profile] thatyourefuse

All of these are brilliant, but this is the one that made me hurt. Well done you.

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From: [personal profile] jenna_thorn

oh, I'd forgotten how time consuming tfln can be.

"I hope you get eaten by satanic starfish" feels like a James Rhodes / War Machine line to me.
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From: [personal profile] thatyourefuse

7 months later:

1. Peggy & Howard:

(314): "Functional." Your standards for how you feel after drinking are so high.

(1-314): When your night starts by chugging margarita and drinking vodka out of tupperware, I feel it's best to stay realistic.

2. Victor & Vanessa, 4.

3. Polly/Michael, u.
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From: [personal profile] kore

Dealer's choice:

Bucky, Steve, huddling together for warmth
Natasha, Steve, forced to share a bed/fake relationship
Bucky, Tasha, ANY of the sexy scenarios (if you write Bucky getting drenched while wearing white I will get you a chocolate pony somehow)
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From: [personal profile] kore

Re: In It for the Long Haul

Natasha's mouth twists amusedly. "Um. Toes? On-keeping?"

//dies That is PERFECT. I love Sam cracking the hell up at Natasha's improvising ever-more-OTT Central Park proposals. (Also Natasha on a BUS, oh my God, she would be so much trouble.)

[and when you say "Bucky getting drenched while wearing white" my first idea is WASHING DOGS FOR CHARITY but I'm not sure how to get him there without causing him excessive misery]

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From: [personal profile] kore

Re: In It for the Long Haul



and it would be time to wash the dogges and Bucky would be embarrassed because of his arm which, something something, latex skin covering it when they're undercover but it's obviously not flesh/enhanced, and Sam would be all everyone here has scars, and Bucky would look around and realize yes, yes we do and then he would say bitterly But how many of them were brainwashed traitors?

and Tasha would pop up behind him holding an Italian greyhound and go MORE THAN ONE, TINMAN
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From: [personal profile] kore

Re: In It for the Long Haul

I seriously think Natasha would be into puncturing every Dramatic Self-Pitying Manpain Moment because, Natasha
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From: [personal profile] kore

Re: In It for the Long Haul

(in case that was unclear that was a very enthusiastic yes)


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