The March Mini-Challenge at [community profile] kink_bingo was to try something you hadn't done before. blahbidiblahtoomanywords ) Here's a selection of clips from throughout the 10-episode run of The Unusuals with transcripts and commentary/meta wherein I argue that Jason Walsh (Jeremy Renner) is a sadistic dominant top who doesn't know it yet, that could count towards "gender play" as much as to "masters doms slaves & subs" because (as I shall argue below) there's a pretty heavy conflation between dominance and masculinity in Jason's mind.

The following video is about 21 minutes long, with 3-second breaks between clips so you can watch it all one go or pause between clips, as you prefer. I've mostly tried to cut around plot spoilers both for individual episodes and for series arcs as much as was viable to make my point, but the video and commentary do contain spoilers both major and minor for various events over the course of the series. I tried very hard to not just throw in every scene of Walsh being awesome or adorable or naked (that would be at least another couple hours' worth of footage). You may want to actually watch the show (all 10 episodes available free, streaming, on YouTube, thanks to before you watch/read the rest of this post.

Password is "jasonwalsh"

From Episode 1, "Pilot"
1a )
1b )
1c )
1d )
1e )

From Episode 2, "Boorland Day"
2a )
2b )
2c )
2d )
2e )
2f )

From Episode 3, "One Man Band"
3 )

From Episode 4, "Crime Slut"
4a )
4b )

From Episode 5, "42"
5a )
5b )
5c )

No clips from Episode 6, 'The Circle Line', because )

From Episode 7, "The Tape Delay"
7a )
7b )

No clips from Episode 8, 'The Dentist', because )

From Episode 9, "The Apology Line"
9a )
9b )

From Episode 10, "The E.I.D." *yes, 10b before 10a, because 10a is kind of 'the money shot' in terms of the argument I'm trying to make*
10b )
10a )
Dollhouse 2x05 & 2x06 )
Overall, I am intrigued by where things seem to be going right now, and eager for the next installment, but not at all sad that it's reaching the end of its rope.

White Collar 1x07 )
I am slavering with anticipation for this show to resume in January, and excited that they've already been picked up for a second season. In case I haven't made this clear already, I think it's really, really good.
Because a few people have asked for music for the wishlist meme, I'm dumping some old mixes here. I may make some new personalized mixes too, if I find time and inspiration.

First, one from I think December 2004?, of winter-themed songs (or at least season- or cold-themed, mostly not!Christmas because I do not generally like Christmas music).
Winter Blend )

Another mix, I think from 2006--at least I know I started it before I got my first tattoo in February of that year but I don't think it reached this final composition until December.
songs about dogs and birds (volume one) )

This one I made in honour of my own 22nd birthday, March 2007. You may notice some recurrent themes in this mix. My explanations in order of increasing specificity: I am an angst-loving drama pig; at the time I was simultaneously getting into the kink Scene in Winnipeg and getting back into therapy for issues of depression etc., and somewhere in between there I got thinking a whole lot about madness; my birthday "party" entailed trudging out into a snowy baseball diamond in a park near my old neighbourhood at night with some friends, a thermos of hot chocolate and armloads of fireworks (fucking BRILLIANT idea if I do say so myself); after the pyrotechnics we retired to a nearby Tim Horton's for more hot drinks and to eat the birthday cake I made and decorated for myself, which quoted From Dusk Till Dawn: "Psychos do not explode when sunlight hits them, I don't care how fucking crazy they are."
.22 )
That Holiday Wishlist Meme:
the rules )
Abridged Rules:
1. Make a wishlist of any 10 things you want and post it
2. If you see someone else with this meme and want to get them something then go for it
grabby hands )
Wow, I haven't even looked at this account in about two months. Since this is the one I find most of my fanworks through, unless it was posted to or recced on a feed I watch on DW or my other LJ, I probably haven't seen it--so if there's any fic or vids or whatever you think I really ought to see (or that you just want more feedback on), rec them here!

I'm probably gonna post that holiday wishlist meme here in a bit, and I have a lot to say about Goings On involving fandom and kink lately (hopefully [ profile] mollivanders and I will have an announcement soon about our tasty schemes and what you can do to help), and I do hope to get back on the fic-writing pony sometime in the foreseeable future (I still have two papers, a tower of marking and more reading than I'd like to get through before I'm finished with this term, but after that I just have my thesis to do to finish the degree [which means mountains of work but not much in the way of firm deadlines, and probably a lethal dose of procrastination]). In the meantime, here're some unbrief words on fandoms I've fallen in and out of love with this season:

possible spoilers for Heroes, Supernatural, Dollhouse, Defying Gravity, Leverage, Flashforward, Battlestar Galactica: The Plan, Lie to Me, Burn Notice, Being Human and White Collar )
At the Winnipeg Folk Festival back in July I got bunnied to write a no-powers Heroes folkfest!AU, with most of the casties in roles that could potentially get them backstage for the Sunday night volunteer party. The Shelter Valley festival the other weekend revived the bunny. I doubt I'll ever actually get a story out of this because really, who besides me cares that much? But here's what I've schemed for the characters anyway schemey schemey )
Jeepers, that whole fan survey thing has BLOWN THE FUCK UP in the most wicked way possible--the survey's been taken down after the "scientists" Ogi Ogas and Sai Chaitanya Gaddam had their asses handed to them by fandom and by the IRB they apparently never consulted. This essay by sympathetic-non-fan academic N Pepperell is loaded with links, including to screencaps of the final wtfNO! that happened when the "researchers" responded to complaints that their use of the word "transsexuals" was unclear and othering by replacing it with "shemales". And of course, because fandom is awesome and occasionally evil, the internet is now filling up with badfic, art and macros enthusiastically slashing Ogas and Gaddam in terrible wonderful ways (which is immature, yes, but also funny).
Y'know what? I'm retracting my categorical endorsement of the parody fanworks. I'm not at all surprised that it's happening (you crap on someone else's lawn and keep doing it even after they've told you to stop, you've no right to be indignant when they set their dog on you) and some of what I've seen is clever or entertaining, but I don't want to encourage it because soon this will be getting more attention than the stupid survey and we will look like jerks--not to mention, some of the tactics used to "humiliate" the poseur!scientists are totally uncool (ascribing to them desires like rape fantasies, transvestism, tentacle or furry fetishes, or poking fun at imagined physical characteristics; I haven't yet seen it but I'm sure there's stuff saying they've got STIs or are secretly involved in sex work). It's uncool not because it's "mean" to them (crap on lawn, get mauled by terrier) but because using any of these things as punishment, to try to shame someone for misbehaviour, reinforces stigma around these desires, identities and circumstances and has the effect of shaming all the people who DO live with them, secretly or openly. I'm trying not to play that game. If anyone can show me works that don't do this, I'm happy to look at them, but I'm not supporting the rest.

In other news, the for-points round of Kink Bingo is now closed, and the amnesty period for completed works that didn't fill a bingo and for works completed after deadline/between rounds will be opening in a few days (remember, if you signed up you need to post at least one fic/vid/drawing/whatever in order to be eligible to participate again next year). I am proud to have finished one bingo and two postage stamp stories, all of which are posted here with a "kink_bingo" tag. I don't expect to be writing much for the next little bit while I recover, prepare for the new school year, and catch up on all the awesome stuff other people have done for KB (expect recs).

I'm NOT signing up for "heroes_bingo", not even linking to it, although I'm eager to see what people make for it. My objection isn't that they're copying KB's idea (it's a good idea, it should be copied, though giving credit would be nice) but that they, like cliche_bingo (which I think may be the more direct intellectual progenitor?), are copying a lot of the prompts without identifying them as kinks and with no recognition for the consequences of their selections or the gravity of that action (defining what is and isn't kinky, calling these things clich├ęs or just--what? titillating? the positive spin would be to say that not marking them as kinky de-marginalizes them but that's not the vibe I'm getting) for people who actually practice these things outside of fiction or even (what a thought!) self-define as kinky. I'm reluctant to participate in the latest heroes kink meme (beyond feedback and the few prompts I've already left) for related reasons: the fact that anonymity is not only allowed but subtly enforced as a norm discourages people from owning our desires, even if we only desire these things in the "distanced" way of fantasies, and it reinforces the shame we've already got piling on us, telling us we're sick and deviant and wrong. You know what? I am deviant. I'm deviant because I try hard not to deny that I like this stuff--reading it, writing it, watching it, doing it--even when I've got people everywhere including the fucking internet telling me to.
I should probably go to sleep so I can be not a zombie for the Church Street Fetish Fair today (though humidity conspires against that--I still have to decide what to wear; can't imagine going out in leather or latex so it's just as well I don't really own any of either). But first:

The Five Things Meme:
1. Give me a character, a pairing, fandom or "canon" (such as an RP-verse).
2. Give me a prompt in the form of a title to a list of five things, such as "Five things X will never do," "Y's five favourite pairs of boxers," etc.
I was going to link to these two news stories with the tag "two steps forward, one step back", but no. Fuck that. Neither event deserves that kind of trivialization:

The New Delhi High Court has just repealed the portion of 150-year-old law that criminalized gay sex between consenting adults.

Police in Fort Worth, Texas, assaulted patrons during a raid on a gay bar, arrested seven and put one in the hospital with a brain injury; the police chief is defending their actions on the grounds that those evil gay people "touched and advanced" his officers.

Yes, I'm re-posting these links on my fan-journal as well as my more comprehensive life-journal. What do repealing laws and police violence have to do with fandom? [ profile] rm explains more thoroughly and eloquently here, but the short answer is because queer people are real. This may be a shocking idea for some people in itself; they may be further shocked to realize that things that affect queer people in courts, streets and bars do, in direct and roundabout ways, affect queer people in fiction, both canon media and fan-produced. Here's an even more shocking idea: it works the other way too.

I find [ profile] rm's post especially resonant right now because I just got an eyeful of the astonishing rudeness it catalogues at Toronto Pride. I'm not calling the whole weekend rotten, it was a nice opportunity for social fun with friends, but the not-good was pretty fucking infuriating. I've already complained about some of the hideously bad behaviour I witnessed at the Saturday Dyke March on my other journal (armies of cismen leering and snapping photos of bare-breasted marchers, cat-calling and gesturing at us to flash, even running from the sidelines into the march to get their pictures taken with the pretty boobies), but that was only one stinging blow in the barrage of acting-like-a-decent-person!FAIL. It's been a few years since I went to Pride in Winnipeg but from what I remember the marcher-spectator ratio was decidedly left-heavy; not so in Toronto. Here tens of thousands of tourists and locals line the parade route to take pictures of or with the freaks who prance and snog for their entertainment (often running up to people, especially the extravagantly costumed but also random couples and anyone who looks "authentically gay", posing next to them long enough for a friend to snap the photo, then running away again without speaking) and to applaud themselves for applauding our bravery. Fuck off! I had tea with a friend last night who complained that every year around this time he has to put up with jokes about "how come there's no straight pride?" His response (as close as I can recall) is, "What have you got to be proud of? You're not doing anything! I'm not proud of being queer. I suck cock because I like sucking cock; I eat ice cream because I like eating ice cream. I'm not proud of doing things I like, and I'm not proud of liking them because I can't change that. What I'm proud of is doing them even when it's not easy, when it's not safe, and by my perseverance working to make it a little safer, a little easier." That's the labour of love, and that's what Pride ought to be about.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that this kind of creeptastic behaviour bubbles up in fandom as well as in "real life", not least because fandom, online interaction, the wired world, is a meshwork of people, every bit as real and, in its own way, material as the "face-to-face". But as someone who is queer in that face-to-face world, having this kind of bullshit follow me into fandom, which I was pleasantly accustomed to thinking of as a mostly pretty safe and friendly space, populated by mostly relatively aware and open folks . . . that hurts, and not in a good way.

This is a Thing this week because of a vid awards community that excludes slash content because the moderator thinks it's icky and doesn't want to watch it (but she's not homophobic*, oh no! she just shut down debate so I couldn't chew her out even if I thought it would do any good). It's been able to become a thing, as Thingswithwings so cogently articulates, because of the insidiousness, the casual violence of heteronormativity in the perpetuation of a system in fandom and in media more generally that aligns het and gen to the exclusion of slash, that insists that homosexuality is the exception which must be vigorously marked out and circumscribed from the heterosexual rule, that leads to the automatic and universal conflation of "queer" with "sexually explicit", that permits things like April's Amazonfail! and prohibits the possibility of a gen/slash classification.

To ground this personally, in my own face-to-face experience: I'm kinky, poly and bi. Most of my friends are one or more of the above, and all have stories about being read and treated differently in different contexts, especially depending on whether they were out with (someone assumed to be) their same-sex or opposite-sex partner. My current main squeeze (that is, the only quasi-local person with whom I dally semi-regularly) is a bisexual man, and it pisses me off that we get to pass the het-gen security check together as long we keep our mouths shut about the other crushes we harbour. In Winnipeg I dated a couple--he's straight, she's bi--and was astonished at the reactions we got when we all went out together. By day strangers assumed we were some combination of het couple and close friend or relative (and she and I were once taken for sisters while on a date with each other), while at night even friends would pat him on the back, as if he was the only one who could benefit from this arrangement (this leads to another rant, which I'll spare you for the moment). I suppose I'm almost lucky that I wasn't asked more often what we did together in private; the whiplash I got watching the queerness of my relationship and contextual identity get alternately shoved under the rug and yanked into the spotlight was bad enough.

What makes me happy is that, once again, fans are not just taking this quietly, or bringing homemade hummous to the pity party, but are taking up that labour of love, working to make things better, everywhere. Right now the gesture I'm happiest about is [ profile] queerlygen (on DW, Queerly Gen), which is looking to be a lovely happy wonderful radical necessary thing, and I am excited to watch it grow.

*remind anyone else of how to tell people they sound racist? I'm probably late to the party on this one, but it's a good one to go back to.
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( Jun. 28th, 2009 09:12 pm)

Leave prompts, reply to prompts, leave feedback. It'd be nice to see more fandoms represented here, though I'm as guilty as anyone of prompting/writing narrowly these days.
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( Jun. 27th, 2009 12:55 pm)
This Sunday marks the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, and the 39th anniversary of the first Pride marches in L.A. and New York. It's Pride weekend here in Toronto right now, and in a number of other cities around the world.

I want to mark the occasion in fandom as well.

You can help in two ways: first, by leaving me some shiny queer drabble prompts, and second by spreading the meme (if you're so inclined). Now come on Fairies, hit me with your rainbow magic wands!
You can now find me on dreamwidth as "theleaveswant". I've set it up largely for ease of posting to Kink Bingo (plus curiosity/peer pressure); if I decide I like it I'll move over (probably with a period of cross-posting).

Speaking of KB, I've planned out a bingo's worth of stories (central vertical line, can y'dig it) and a few others (incl. bottom left postage stamp). I haven't gotten very far on actually writing any of them because I've been busy revising my thesis proposal and finishing my last paper for this strike-buggered term. I'll give myself a couple of hours to write tonight, just so I can feel like I've accomplished something today because I'm really not making much headway with the essay.

Besides KB, I've got [ profile] apocalyptothon, [ profile] heroes_bigboom, a handful of unfinished not-for-challenge pieces including what looks like the beginning of a series (Elle/Sylar, very violent, takes some inspiration from Frankenstein), and a new bunny ripping off the general plot of A Life Less Ordinary (the "he tries to kidnap her but isn't very good at it so she shows him how it's done" part anyway; not sure what to do about the angels and the whole "love is destiny, not work" thing unsettles me greatly).
The other day the Kink Bingo mods posted a 150-song playlist of songs to write kink by. Here's another 40 not on their list (I may post more later--these are just the first ones I thought of in my library and some I tripped over looking for them).

forty-track kinky playlist oh yes )
Can you tell I'm excited for Monday?
Guess what guess what! This year's round of [ profile] kink_bingo is going to be starting kinda soonish! It was a hella-fun challenge last year and this year promises to be as good or better! The mods are looking for feedback on some administrative details right now, over at this post.

Now I just need to post those other few stories before the amnesty closes . . .
The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing from me (word prompts are good too). In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level (I'm not going to, like, put a wolverine in your bathtub or anything, but I do think you will have more fun if you do it than if you don't).

I'll write Leverage, Being Human, Heroes, Dollhouse, Supernatural, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Firefly, BSG, Doctor Who (haven't seen past end of fourth series), les ouevres de Tarantino including Rodriguez collaborations, Due South, PotC, Princess Bride . . . prolly a few others. Try me and if I can't do it I'll say so.
My reaction to the big scary commotion-causing Heroes spoilers: "Meh."

cut cuz I'm polite like that (also, because I promised, more better-than-canon fic recs, mostly/sorta Elle/Sylar) )

And then there's my new heroinfandom, Leverage!

If you haven't seen Leverage yet, I recommend it. I've heard it called a reverse procedural (because it is about committing crimes, not solving them) and likened to Robin Hood and the A Team (because it is about robbing the rich and corrupt and giving to the poor and suffering; it's also quite like Hustle in this and other ways). The first series has concluded and the next will start this summer; I've really enjoyed what they've done so far and look forward to what may come next. It stretches plausibility as badly as a CSI franchise and there've been some painful-to-watch moments (how is Nate's massive inoperable manpain not fatal?), but also some really gleeful gags and character touches. The show's awesome is mostly localized in the three lil' darlings sneaking around in my icon: (from left) Hardison, Eliot and Parker, whom I find myself shipping as an OT3 simply because, while I can imagine pairing them in any combination, I don't want any of them to be left out.*

a few Leverage recs )

Still a few hours left to sign up for [ profile] apocalyptothon, if you haven't already.

*I'm the same way with Annie, George and Mitchell on BBC's Being Human, which I also highly, highly recommend. It is about a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire sharing a house in Bristol, but a million times better than it sounds from that description.
Head's up: [ profile] apocalyptothon is currently accepting fandom nominations in anticipation of the next round. Scuttlebutt says a new round of [ profile] kink_bingo is in the works as well.

talk about NBC's Heroes + recs (mostly dark!fic, mostly Sylar/Elle) )



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