Convince me to do my homework now so it's done and I can go see Fury Road and then squee for as many hours as necessary without stupid homework getting in the way (if movie is half as good as people I trust say it is I will be happy).

Twelve more weeks of school. Applying for part-time jobs in the meantime, so far with no luck. Trying to figure out how to successfully specialize in accounting for nonprofits (meeting with one of my instructors next week to get some advice). Would like some money and feelings of usefulness now, please.

What else is going on in my life? Hm. I had a health thing, discussion not detailed but still kinda gross ).

The garden is looking promising. Have I mentioned here that I've finally taken the plunge of putting effort into the front garden beyond minimal weed and overgrowth control? I've been meaning to since the summer after I moved in here but kept missing the spring planting window, until this year I happened to be in a No Frills in early April when there was a huge pile of seed packets in one of the square things at the edge of the produce section and I lightbulbed.
what I have done to the yard )

Knitting-wise, I have finally picked up needles again and finished one new design (hat using and inspired by a Nerd Girl Yarns Random Fandom club exclusive colourway from 2014, have to remember to write up pattern and get photos before new Jurassic Park movie) and I'm trying to get another one done in time for the next Knitty submission deadline (June 1).

This time resuming knitting has not stopped me writing, so far (knock on wood); still picking away at many projects, mostly Mass Effect though I'm currently experiencing a resurgence of Flashpoint feels and a weird do-wanna-don't-wanna pull with MCU (have not seen AoU but have heard many extremely displeasing spoilers; will pirate eventually but choosing not to get thrown out of a theatre for yelling at Joss Whedon).

Hoping to attempt Festivids again this year, making list of media to request. Fantasizing about making a Mass Effect vid requiring material from multiple playthroughs of all three games; could splice some of it together from stuff on YouTube like [personal profile] beccatoria did for With Blood (which is an hfjksahlvvvkueb amazing vid, wow) but my idea is more "TEAM BADASS!" with gimmicks than mindbogglingly beautiful play with deep stuff like agency and individuality and fate and branching realities and so on, and I want my Shepard.
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( Jan. 10th, 2015 10:30 pm)
1. School is happening again. I had grand plans for getting so much knitting and pleasure reading and voluntary socializing done over the winter break, and instead I mostly played Mass Effects 1-3. For a month. Because "obsessively" is the only way I know how to play computer/video games. I'm kind of in love with the world-building and want to hug many of the major characters, and I can say lots of more specific things if anybody wants to hear (read) them.

2. I did read Slow Seduction and Slow Satisfaction, the middle and end of Cecilia Tan's BDSM erotic romance trilogy, because they are snack food. The plot gets kinda ridiculous over the course of the series, IMHO, though nothing on the level of Mr. Benson. The prose is engaging and there are enough interesting/sympathetic characters to merit actually reading rather than just skimming for the saucy bits.

CTan is one of the coolest people I've ever met (definitely the most famous person who has let me stay at their house) and one of the few good things to come out of the Fifty Shades craze is that publishers will finally print the kind of stories she's been trying to sell for years. If I still worked in a bookstore I would do everything I could to steer people interested in this kind of book towards the ones written by capable kink activist/educators and experienced authors.

3. At the end of November I lost the nearly half-finished Bat'leth scarf I was making for a looooong-time friend on the subway and honestly I am still grieving.

4. Creative brain has swung back around to wanting (really badly) to write. I have lots of medium to huge (mostly MCU, some GoT and small fandoms, now Mass Effect) things stewing in my brain/gdocs/the notepad app on my iPod but I'm very open to prompts as a goad to write and share short stuff, so let's reopen this >7 month-old prompt post, shall we?

5. Skimming back over old posts looking for the prompts one, realize I never gave an important update on the rotten pot-smoking downstairs neighbour (whom I might have only mentioned under access lock?): he's gone! Long gone actually, left in early November. Ejected by his roommates. Apparently recalcitrant about leaving; Phil(l)ip the Good Neighbour asked if I'd be willing to help if they needed to present a case to the landlord or LTB to get him out. Didn't end up being necessary but yes, I was willing.
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( Nov. 28th, 2014 07:44 pm)
Two weeks of school left but I am ready for the term to be over now. Can't I just skip straight to the exams? Blech.

Mostly in the interests of closing tabs . . .
1. A couple of weeks ago I got pulled in to helping with the final stage of a huge corporate-funded yarnbombing project: earlier in the fall Tim Hortons contacted my former workplace and engaged two of my former coworkers to coordinate knitters to cover a mobile coffee truck with a "sweater" patterned after their holiday cups.

More than 35 people produced dozens of carefully charted panels, and I joined in the final four-day blitz of last-minute do-overs and seaming them together (the yarn, if anybody's wondering, is Cascade Eco Wool held triple, and everyone who worked on the truck commented on how amazingly squishy and sturdy the fabric was and now wants to make a blanket or a pillow or something). The truck sweater is a promotion for their #warmwishes charitable campaign, where if you tweet or instagram at them with that hashtag and mention a "good deed" you've done they'll donate a toque to a kid in need, and the sweater itself is going to be broken down, felted, and sent to Covenant House as blankets.

2. I highly, highly recommend Métis in Space (and other podcasts on Indian & Cowboy, but this is the only one I've listened to all of and definitely my favourite). The show is two very smart Métis women tearing SFF representations of First Nations people to shreds (deservedly, as these representations are pretty universally horrible). Their critique is right on the money and the podcasts are hilarious (IMHO, anyway, because their senses of injustice and of humour happen to line up really well with mine).

I have some new BPALs to review but need to give a couple of them another try before passing judgment (short version: Krampus yessssss, Gunpowder noooooooo). Also promised way back when that I'd talk about horror movies and how Stephen King really oughta know better but then I watched a LOT of movies and I have too many thoughts and don't know what to say, so are there any particular movies or franchises or themes or issues or whatever you'd like me to talk about?
I've been meaning to share some of this summer's musical pleasures since August, and I actually had a post half written and all linked around the end of September-beginning of October but then my computer died and I had to replace it, and school, and October was a really bad month for my mental health, and here we are. Enjoy this sample platter of songs mostly by artists I had not heard before this summer.

onward to the downloads of questionable legality )

PS Do any of you knitterfolk like working with bamboo needles? I have a Chiaogoo Twist complete interchangeable set that I basically never use because I much prefer metal, and I'd like it to go to a good home. $80 or trade for metal needles?
Here is a thing wot I have made in celebration of this joyous and probably heart-wrenching day: Duped, a shiny new knitting pattern for a shallow shawl-scarf with slipped stitches, short row shaping, and a serrated lace knit-on edging, inspired by the contemplation of sameness and difference in the science fiction drama series Orphan Black, as well as by the jagged-edged personality of protagonist Sarah Manning (actually it was inspired by Siobhan Sadler, aka Mrs. S., and the family dynamics between her and Sarah and Felix and developed through brought-to-you-by-the-letter-S brainstorming, but the other thing makes better copy). The pattern requires approximately 400yds of worsted weight yarn and costs $5.00 CAD, but from now until midnight April 26 you can use the code "cloneclub" to get it for $2.50.

me modelling Duped shawl pattern/cosplaying Sarah Manning in the opening scene of Orphan Black series at the Go station it was shot in

If you want one but you do not knit I could probably be bribed to make you one--though if you want it in the official Orphan Black colourway I used for the prototype you have to tell me before April 30th because that's the very last day that yarn will ever be available.
37 hours left to bid on this beautiful handknit shawl in your choice of colour. Current top bid is only $55, which is a ridiculous bargain for this kind of unique handmade art.
I am heading west for five days in June to attend the wedding of a dear friend. Airplane tickets are expensive. In order to reduce my travel debt I would like to auction off a Damask shawl (pattern by Kitman Figueroa), hand-knit by me using Cascade Heritage Silk (fingering weight, 85% superwash merino/15% mulberry silk--I'm willing to use another yarn, for example if the recipient is sensitive to wool or vegan or whatever, but this yarn is soft, smooth, shiny, excellent value, and known for fantastic stitch definition, and it should work beautifully for this project) in one of the following colours list ) because those are the ones we have in stock at work.

Bidding will start at $25 for the smallest version of the shawl, to cover my out-of-pocket for pattern and yarn; if it goes above $100 the winner will get to choose the small or medium size, if it goes above $200 the winner will get to choose small, medium, or large. Shipping is not included. Auction will remain open until noon EST on Friday, February 15th, 2013, and knitting will commence as soon as the transaction is complete.

To bid, simply reply to the last comment on the thread marked "bid here"; please post any other comments and questions in a new thread. Bidders who do not have Dreamwidth accounts, please identify yourselves in your comments so that I can keep track (any name you like, but please be consistent).

Please pass this info on to anyone who you think might be interested in a gorgeous, hand-knit, one-of-a-kind shawl for themselves or a loved one.

(I am also open to commissions, if you want me to knit you something else; please contact me for availability and cost estimates.)


That's the bell, folks. This auction is now closed. Congratulations to our winner [personal profile] sabinetzin!
Another quick fibre-craft related post, because I've been hyping this up on every other social media site so I might as well share it here too: knitted scale mail. Yes, I know it's not ~real~ scale mail and I wouldn't advocate going out and attempting to conquer Gaul in it, but it looks damned cool and almost disturbingly easy to make (just knit the scales directly into the fabric, no ring fasteners or pliers required!), and I personally cannot wait to try it out. I'm sharing this link for every other fibre crafter who feels similarly (that website offers both a free tutorial on adding scales to knitting and a for-sale pattern with more detailed instructions for scaled gauntlets; the technique for adding scales should be at least as easy to work in crochet as in knitting), and for everyone I know who wants scaled garments/other objects (gauntlets? hats? laptop bag? . . . a loincloth?) but can't/doesn't want to make it yourself to let you know that I'll be making a bulk scale order probably early next week so if you want me to make you something, get your requests in soon (I'm estimating materials costs at around $30-40 for a pair of adult gauntlets, call it another $40-60 for labour depending on how big/fancy you want them to be, further commission details to be negotiated on request; will once again ship anywhere at commissioner's expense).

Note: I am aware that the link above goes to the website of someone who also offers knit scale items for sale, and that making this post offering a competing service is kind of a dick move; I tried hard to think of a less rude way to put my offer out there (I'm going to be making a pair of scale gauntlets for myself anyway, I might as well order scales in bulk and share the love with local folks especially; there wasn't really another way to share pictures of finished objects without linking to that site; I'm going to be using my own custom-fit not-a-pattern(s) for fingerless gloves etc. rather than copying Opiel's pattern exactly, and she does say that she's cool with other people using the scale technique as long as they don't sell things made from her pattern, and I prostrate myself before her creativity for choosing to knit with scales in the first place) but in the end felt it was best just to be direct and acknowledge my awareness of the situation, and hope there's room in the world for more than one knit-to-order scale mail enterprise.
totally non-compulsory wishlist meme for people wot like granting and/or making wishes )

ETA: I thought of another thing!
8. A less-broken desk chair. This one is about one more missing screw away from outright dangerous.

I'm not posting my contact details in a public post but if you need my physical or paypal address you can PM me.

Five Acts Meme (Round Seven)
rules )
my requests )
I've been saying for over a year that I wanted to knit something for [community profile] kink_bingo but was never quite sure what or for which square. This year my first card included the prompt Collars, which seemed like a serendipitous opportunity to work up an alternative version of this wrist cuff pattern I designed ($3 to download the pattern on Ravelry, or KB participants can PM me and I'll email you the pdf for free :D ).

All I did to change the pattern was to knit 2.5 repeats of the charted cable pattern and leave off the "D-rings". I flubbed a few of the cable crossings (passed the cable needle back when it should have gone forward or vice versa) so it's not remotely symmetrical, but the the gauge was tight and the yarn fluffed badly enough as I was working it that I refused to rip and re-knit anything more than two rows back; next time I'd plot the crossings more carefully in advance and try to pay closer attention. A sixth "lozenge" or half-chart might not have been a bad idea, and would definitely be recommended for anyone with a neck less ittybitty than mine, though as it is I like the width of gap I have at the back and the length of cord I have left over--and just like a regular corset I retain the option of cinching it tighter if I'm ever in the mood for that restricted airway feeling.

The collar and I-cord together used less than one skein of Ella Rae Bamboo Silk, a (discontinued) 70/30 blend of bamboo and silk that sheds fluff and splits a bit but is soft as a cloud made of snuggly chinchillas.

more photos )
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( Jan. 10th, 2012 11:05 pm)
Ugh, last week. Don't even ask. (Seriously, don't.)

* Snowflake challenge, Days 3-10 )

* Stolen from [personal profile] commodorified, because fun.
Pick up the nearest book to you.
Turn to page 45.
The first sentence describes your sex life in 2012.

I am not unusually surrounded by bookpiles so grabbed either the topmost or the most protuberant of the three closest, which were:
Come, Thou Tortoise by Jennifer Grant: "Here is something to do if you are unslept and have a ponytail: Bring that ponytail around under your nose like a moustache."
Pretty in Punk: 25 Punk, Rock, and Goth Knitting Patterns by Alyce Benevides and Jaqueline Milles with photos by Rob Benevides: [full-page photograph of a young white woman with downcast eyes crouching gargoyle-fashion on what appears to be a rooftop in front of a background of industrial twilight (low sun, orange sky, tattered clouds, and shabby buildings) wearing a black leather aviator's cap with goggles, silver eye makeup, spiked collar with ring, black fabric bat wings, layered fishnets and ripped pantyhose, bikerish boots, and the featured knitting pattern, a "cobweb-inspired" "loose-knit tight-fit holey jumper" called "Goth Girl", over a black tank top]
The Slave by Laura Antoniou: "'Now,' he said, when she returned, 'you're in serious trouble.'"

* More Joy Day is coming up on Thursday. I have some ideas about what I'm going to do.

* Handmade meme people (you remember who you are?) who have not already PMed me with your addresses, please do so soon. I have or shortly will have stuff to mail you.
[ profile] stainofmylove started this "Holiday wishlist meme" thing a few years ago (rules below, but basically you post a list of stuff, fannish, abstract, or material, that you want, and grant each other's wishes if you can) and I think it is pretty great, so I am going to do my best to participate and hope that some of you lovely folks on Dreamwidth will get into it too. I'm not sure why this has to be a "holiday"-specific thing, myself, but it does work better if everybody's playing at once, even though there are really no time limits, so I guess this arbitrarily selected season is as good as any. (SoML's list, btw, is here.)

The Rules )

My Wishlist )
The purpose:
As some of you already know, I am planning a trip south of the 49th in April, to attend IMsL (a kink conference where one of my personal heroes, anthropologist Gayle Rubin, will be giving the keynote address) in San Francisco, California, and to present a paper at the Popular Culture Association conference in San Antonio, Texas, with a couple of days in Austin tagged on at the end. In order to be able to afford this trip and still pay my rent when I get back, I've been investigating fundraising options, the details of which are described below.

The projects:

Knitting commissions! )

Delicious hand-made chocolate truffles! )

ALSO, related to my trip only in that right now that's where pretty much all of my money is going, I'm going to be teaching a "Knitting for Absolute Beginners" class, perfect for people who've never knit or who've tried to learn but since forgotten (more experienced knitters, get in touch with me about what more advanced workshops you'd like to see offered next), at Site 3 coLaboratory on March 29th, 7-9pm. Go here for registration details!

Thank you for reading! Please do pass the message along, if you know anyone who might be interested in any of the above!
This might be my last or second-last post to this LJ that isn't cross-posted from Dreamwidth. I'm going to be shifting over soon, anyway; I just wanted to get this out of my saved drafts pile first.

You may or may not recall that on January 26th of last year I posted a meme promising to Make Stuff for anybody who commented. The one year time span has come and gone. I never forgot about it, though I did get thoroughly sidetracked several times. I still intend to fulfill my promises, as soon as I'm able; this is an update on my progress.
[ profile] pyroclasticgrub: I think you already know I was knitting you a vest. I had mostly finished it this fall, then ran out of yarn, and because the yarn I'm using was thrifted and old and I don't know where it came from, I cannot buy more. I've tried it on (we have pretty similar circumferences, I think?) and there seems to be a lot of positive ease, so I'm going to try frogging and restarting it with fewer stitches. I have a few other projects with stricter time limits to finish first.
[ profile] prairiedaun: I had a lot of trouble deciding what to do for you. You can do your own knitting and many other crafts, you're good at finding music, you cook and bake, I don't know what your current fandoms are. I settled on designing a hat in your honour. Not sure it's the kind of thing you'd wear, but I hope you'll enjoy the premise at least. I'll put the pattern on Ravelry when I'm done. I'll probably donate the first prototype as a raffle prize for a pet rescue fundraiser coming up in a couple of weeks in Ottawa.
[ profile] johnnypurple: A mix! This one has actually been technically finished for ages, aside from some minor picking and poking. It's big (30 tracks) and maybe a little weird; it started with me looking for a theme to work around and deciding somewhat arbitrarily to use only Canadian artists, and then it mutated into this big thing about Canadian identity, or my experience of living in a country with A Certain Reputation and trying to reconcile (or not) my love for so many of the people and places and words and ideas and bits of art that get flagged "Canadian" (willingly or nay) or that entangle in the rhizomatic tendrils of my "Canadian" experiences, with all the things I hate about that Reputation and about the realities of actually living here (many of which, such as sabotaging climate talks in Copenhagen, sabotaging post-secondary funding especially for social science and humanities students, denying Canada's history of colonialism, denying Canada's abuse of Afghan detainees, and proroguing parliament AGAIN to avoid talking about this stuff at least until the fucking wasteful destructive celebration of nationalism known euphemistically as the 2010 Vancouver-Whistler Olympic games are over, can be credited to the Harper administration's reign of bullshit; others, like performing pelvic exams on unconscious surgery patients without our knowledge or consent are less new [this example is pretty new to public awareness] but still fucking GROSS). At different points the playlist was much longer (but I don't need to include songs from every Canadian artist I kinda like) or much more angrily political (but that's hijacking, and there are better fora); I've tried to tame it down to artists or tracks I'm really fond of right now and which I feel stand out in some particular way, and use the Canadian identity issues mostly as a substrate. I'm posting it for everybody to enjoy, although I do especially hope that you specifically, [ profile] johnnypurple, find some tracks or artists really warm you (or cool you, or whatever you need most this week). My title for the project is "A Case of You".

music and stories )

ETA: BONUS TRACK! This totally should have been on the list, except that I hadn't listened to the album all the way through before I posted:
The Cliks (Toronto), We Are The Wolverines
We all come from the wheel and fire
We are, we are, we are the wolverines
Burning in your heart's desire
We are, we are, we are the wolverines

Because the Cliks are awesome and Lucas Silveira is a rock'n'roll god in the ascendant phase. Because Wolverine is a strange kind of Canadian icon even when he's played by an Australian in American movies (comic books do weird things to geography--cities, worlds, bodies, plausibilities). Because the first year I volunteered at the Winnipeg Folk Festival I had a conversation with Billy fucking Bragg about how he hadn't been a very good goatherd (no joke) and he hypothesized that in Canada wolverines would be the dominant menace re: disinterring livestock, rather than foxes which were the problem where he'd worked (they're not). Because the wolverine at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg is a total camwhore. Because the song is sexy and somehow inspiring even if I'm not sure I quite get it. Wolverines!
A while ago I suggested that the members and supporters of the Beta Colony Stitch&Bitch (and anyone else who wants to be nice) might make a collective donation to Heifer International (thinking specifically that we could pool for a
knitting basket) . . . and then forgot to actually organize anything. I'll happily act as treasurer for this endeavour, if folks want to contact me (comment, lj message, facebook, email) with the value for their contributions, though I don't have to be the one to actually make the donation if somebody else needs the tax credit.


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