142 icons from screenshots from Whip It (2009) film and deleted scenes (my middle name is "Overboard"), mostly of Hurl Scouts and other ink-bedecked derby girls, for the "tattoos/tattooing" prompt on my second Kink Bingo card. Mostly just cropped and colour-adjusted stills with a few animated .gifs; feel free to use as bases, add text, whatever. Credit is appreciated but not required.

there's a lot more to derby than fishnets and picking out a tough name )
Here be 126 icons of people wearing leather jackets (with at least a smidge of leather in every frame) from the movies Bound, Death Proof, The Lookout, Penelope, and Planet Terror (kind of a random assortment, I know, but I was originally going for a multifandom vid and then an icon set from a wide range of films, but I got snap-happy with the first few sources and opted to give up on completism in source range . . . for now). Icons may contain spoilers for movies and Planet Terror set has some blood and 'splodeyness in it, but no standard content notes apply. Mostly just cropped and colour-adjusted stills with a few gifs etc.; feel free to use as bases, add text, whatever. I'm not worried about credit on these ones.

45 Bound icons )

18 Death Proof icons )

6 The Lookout icons )

6 Penelope icons )

51 Planet Terror icons )

Icon tables courtesy of this generator. Stella's Cafe menu courtesy of WINNIPEG!
Fourteen icons from Parks and Recreation season one, episode four, in which Andy decides to surprise Ann, who has been waiting on him hand and foot since he fell into the pit behind her house and broke both his legs, by cleaning up the house and himself (this task is made more awkward by the fact that his legs are still in casts). I don't make a lot of icons nor play around with my photoshop knock-off program very often these days so they're kinda clumsy, but then again so is Andy. These are for the [community profile] kink_bingo prompt "washing/cleaning"; G-rated, no standard content notes apply.

splish splash I was taking a bath in a kiddie pool in my girlfriend's backyard . . . )


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