I've been meaning to share some of this summer's musical pleasures since August, and I actually had a post half written and all linked around the end of September-beginning of October but then my computer died and I had to replace it, and school, and October was a really bad month for my mental health, and here we are. Enjoy this sample platter of songs mostly by artists I had not heard before this summer.

onward to the downloads of questionable legality )

PS Do any of you knitterfolk like working with bamboo needles? I have a Chiaogoo Twist complete interchangeable set that I basically never use because I much prefer metal, and I'd like it to go to a good home. $80 or trade for metal needles?

Been thinking of doing an Ageplay mix for [community profile] kink_bingo since last summer; decided when I started actually pulling tracks together to narrow it down to a particular span of temporal-cultural experience and save other spans for later. I recognize that teenage feeling, even though my adolescence bore little resemblance to most of those described in the narratives within--I was neither an athlete nor much of a delinquent, and I had no significant romantic entanglements nor sexual encounters with anyone my own age or older until I was nearly out of the age range. Probably just as well--that's a lot of drama to pack into not very many years, and I have made up for some of it since. I also recognize the historical contingency of the teenage experience, and the cultural, geographic, and economic variation it demonstrates (some of that variation is illustrated here). The feeling still resonates.

Content notes: alcohol and drug use; 'characters' under the age of 18 engaging in sex with same- and cross-generational partners; dubiously consensual sex (coercion and consent under compromised conditions); mentions of self-harm and suicide; bullying, nonconsensual public humiliation and violence, gang and police violence, possible allusions to rape and murder, 'character' death.

That Teenage Feeling )

Download .zip
Here's another long-overdue fanmix for [personal profile] afullmargin, who asked for kind of a happy quirky mix for Sean and Gus from Psych. I don't follow Psych but I've seen enough scattered episodes (and some really lovely vids and fic) that I felt I had a good enough grasp of the tone of the show and of their relationship, so here's a basket of sunshine and WTF that wobbles on the line between shippery and BFFdom. A lot of the lyrical themes seem to me to apply just as well to any other Holmes-and-Watson relationship dynamic, so as far as I'm concerned this is a mix for all of them, though of course they don't all have don't have the same pineapple-bright emotional flavour.

download .zip

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So I know I've owed a mix to [personal profile] dragovianknight for approximately one million months and I've owed one to [personal profile] garden_hoe21 for nearly half that long, and in light of the overdueness these probably look a little half-assed, but I've actually had to fight myself down from a Sisyphean quest for curatorial completeness just to get these danged things posted so here are some unsorted collections of 1) "music to write fight scenes by" and 2) music to carry someone off to sleep, posted together because I like the pseudo-symmetry. I might try to make up for the sloppiness with more mixes, later.

fight songs! )

lullabies )
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I am so excited! And because I am excited, here are sixteen more songs, in no particular order, that give me Avengers character ~feeeeeeeeeeeelings~ (aww, who am I kidding, they're feels, for the Avengers I have feels and I feel them in my feelers):

"Mercy of the Fallen", Dar Williams
"Little Waltz", Basia Bulat
"Guns Not Bombs", Die Mannequin
"Frank Mills", Veda Hille (Hair cover)
"The Future", Weekend Dads*
"Price Paid", Wax Mannequin
"Chelsea Hotel No. 2", woodpigeon*
"Microphone", The Fugitives
"First We Take Manhatten", Les Jupes*
"Snowman", The Nields
"Five Free Minutes", Spirit of the West
"Angel, Won't You Come Down?", Tracy Bonham
"Ex-Army", Boys Boys Boys!
"Rhapsody", Veda Hille
"In Your Light", Bruce Peninsula
"A Thousand Suns", Hey Rosetta
* from this amazing FREE collection of Leonard Cohen covers by a passel of Canadian artists

Download ici
I look forward to discovering how narratively or affectively predictive my choices are or are not :)

And on that note I am out, off for a busy evening of babysitting, Cards Against Humanity, and MIDNIGHT SCREENING OMFG ALL THEIR PERFECT FACES IN SHINY SHINY 3D *dies and is dead*

ETA: Stopping by between kids and games to throw up gang signs and blood one more song for the cast and production crew and for the fandom: "Doin'" by Wax Mannequin.
So you know how it takes me months and months and months to make fanmixes for people who commission them from me in fundraising auctions because, well, mostly because I don't work on them very often, but also because I am an obnoxious completist about them? (People to whom I owe music mixes: I promise that I will get them done ASAP after I get back from Boston. Really. I will stop adding more things to the "shortlists" and chop them down into postable shapes with haste). I threw this together in an afternoon, in between cleaning and picking at my conference paper (and am now resisting the perfectionist urge to tweak and tweak and tweak). Pah.

Earth's Mightiest Dorkfaces: A Musical Tribute to Marvel's Odd-sock Drawer Superhero Team, and My Feelings Regarding Those Socks )

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In conclusion,
Way back in the day (the day of October, before laptop died and had to be replaced), I offered my mix-compiling services in the [livejournal.com profile] helpsomalia auction, and got myself bought up by [livejournal.com profile] karraparis and [personal profile] hazelwho, who each asked for different C6D fandoms, characters, and prompts/premises (well, H gave me options and I chose to go with something different) that (in my head at least) dovetailed rather nicely, thematically. Hence: two separate music mixes, posted together, exploring similar angsty ideas re: confusion, deception, self-doubt and self-destruction, compromised self-integrity and questioning identity, and complicated, maybe unwise, sexual connections. They each come with a little ficlet for context and yes, they both contain songs by two separate Ontario bands/artists with "mannequin" in their names, among other artist overlaps.

Links, covers, prompt details, and track listings behind the cuts.

due South Dollhouse!AU Fraser/Kowalski mix for [livejournal.com profile] karraparis: If We're Not Horses . . . )

Battlestar Galactica (2003) Kara/Leoben mix for [personal profile] hazelwho: No Two Snowflakes )

[personal profile] dragovianknight, I have started working on your writing mix and hope to have something ready for you soon. My apologies for the delay. [livejournal.com profile] podfic_lover, I've been waiting for a quiet day at home to record your stories without much success, but I hope to get to them soon.
[livejournal.com profile] stainofmylove started this "Holiday wishlist meme" thing a few years ago (rules below, but basically you post a list of stuff, fannish, abstract, or material, that you want, and grant each other's wishes if you can) and I think it is pretty great, so I am going to do my best to participate and hope that some of you lovely folks on Dreamwidth will get into it too. I'm not sure why this has to be a "holiday"-specific thing, myself, but it does work better if everybody's playing at once, even though there are really no time limits, so I guess this arbitrarily selected season is as good as any. (SoML's list, btw, is here.)

The Rules )

My Wishlist )
This has actually been in the works for a while now—decades if we're talking about keeping a mental association web for this trope, and at least a year composing a playlist with intention to share—but the announcement of the new "danger" square and increased scope for fandom-nonspecific works in this year's [community profile] kink_bingo told me it was time.

The songs and lengthy (very lengthy) analyses in this post contain death; non-consensual sex and violence, occasionally graphic and mostly directed at women; and some oblique talk about ableism and mental illness.

Download songs individually, or get all 32 tracks in one convenient .zip

Polly, Pretty Polly, will you come along with me? )
Before we are married, some pleasure to see . . . )
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( Oct. 24th, 2010 08:19 pm)
[This is a music mix for [livejournal.com profile] okmewriting and the last of three mixes commissioned in the [livejournal.com profile] help_pakistan auction. The request was for an Eames-oriented Inception mix. I was going to write a couple of drabbles to go with it, but none of my bunnies were particularly lively and I don't want this to sit around getting more overdue than it already is, so instead I've written up a short commentary on why I've chosen the pieces I have (may add drabbles later, if inspiration strikes before I forget). Once again, you do not have to like or know much about Inception to enjoy these 21 tasty ear-treats, conveniently compiled in one convenient .zip.]

Wake Up With Me
brief and sparsely illustrated notes on source and song selection )
track listing & lyrical quotations )
[This is a music mix for [personal profile] mumblemutter, the second of three mixes commissioned in the [livejournal.com profile] help_pakistan auction (these were all supposed to be done my October 1st, I know; the delay on this one was finding time to sit down to write the accompanying fic). The request I went with was "the soundtrack of Clay and Roque's doomed love"; so this is a fucked-up passion sort of mix skewed towards them and my reading of their arc before and during the movie, but you certainly don't have to care about The Losers at all to enjoy this shiny 14-track .zip].

General Issue (Death or Life We Want You) - song list & quoted lyrics, screencaps & oh yeah, link to a fic) )
[This is a post/apocalyptic music mix for [livejournal.com profile] aruna_sharat, the first of three mixes commissioned in the [livejournal.com profile] help_pakistan auction (these were all supposed to be done by October 1st, I know, but I just kept adding stuff!). I loved the suggested theme and was inspired to play around with presentation style, hence the stream-of-consciousness story-thing behind the first cut. I tried to incorporate the song titles into the text, and provided a legend with song and artist names at the end. You may download the songs individually or get all 33 tracks in one convenient .zip..]

Bury your dead and celebrate
the world is ending (finally)
take off your shoes and run

So you'll sleep in and show up late and the raft will leave without you. )

track listing )

ETA: Image of drowned London is a painting by Marco Bauriedel.

ALSO, if you have enjoyed this selection of post/apocalyptic music, you may enjoy [personal profile] sabotabby's answering Post-Apocalypso (a spooky October mixtape) just as much or maybe more!

ETA: now with proper nifty cover art by [livejournal.com profile] sfslim!
You know this meme:
1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[personal profile] curgoth gave me the letter "T"

I delayed a bit on posting this, given that apparently at least one of the people I didn't realize was still reading my journal(s) thinks I yammer about politics (or particular political issues) far too much. I am willing to have that conversation but not here and not now (yes, passive-aggressive statement is passive-aggressive). For now, this is my journal and I will post what I want and given the situation that I am living just blocks west of, I feel this is plenty appropriate. Here's the Three Times Too Long, Too Political playlist: )
I can figure out how to upload all files in a .zip, if there's a desire. zips ahoy! I hope. Somebody lemme know if that worked?
This might be my last or second-last post to this LJ that isn't cross-posted from Dreamwidth. I'm going to be shifting over soon, anyway; I just wanted to get this out of my saved drafts pile first.

You may or may not recall that on January 26th of last year I posted a meme promising to Make Stuff for anybody who commented. The one year time span has come and gone. I never forgot about it, though I did get thoroughly sidetracked several times. I still intend to fulfill my promises, as soon as I'm able; this is an update on my progress.
[livejournal.com profile] pyroclasticgrub: I think you already know I was knitting you a vest. I had mostly finished it this fall, then ran out of yarn, and because the yarn I'm using was thrifted and old and I don't know where it came from, I cannot buy more. I've tried it on (we have pretty similar circumferences, I think?) and there seems to be a lot of positive ease, so I'm going to try frogging and restarting it with fewer stitches. I have a few other projects with stricter time limits to finish first.
[livejournal.com profile] prairiedaun: I had a lot of trouble deciding what to do for you. You can do your own knitting and many other crafts, you're good at finding music, you cook and bake, I don't know what your current fandoms are. I settled on designing a hat in your honour. Not sure it's the kind of thing you'd wear, but I hope you'll enjoy the premise at least. I'll put the pattern on Ravelry when I'm done. I'll probably donate the first prototype as a raffle prize for a pet rescue fundraiser coming up in a couple of weeks in Ottawa.
[livejournal.com profile] johnnypurple: A mix! This one has actually been technically finished for ages, aside from some minor picking and poking. It's big (30 tracks) and maybe a little weird; it started with me looking for a theme to work around and deciding somewhat arbitrarily to use only Canadian artists, and then it mutated into this big thing about Canadian identity, or my experience of living in a country with A Certain Reputation and trying to reconcile (or not) my love for so many of the people and places and words and ideas and bits of art that get flagged "Canadian" (willingly or nay) or that entangle in the rhizomatic tendrils of my "Canadian" experiences, with all the things I hate about that Reputation and about the realities of actually living here (many of which, such as sabotaging climate talks in Copenhagen, sabotaging post-secondary funding especially for social science and humanities students, denying Canada's history of colonialism, denying Canada's abuse of Afghan detainees, and proroguing parliament AGAIN to avoid talking about this stuff at least until the fucking wasteful destructive celebration of nationalism known euphemistically as the 2010 Vancouver-Whistler Olympic games are over, can be credited to the Harper administration's reign of bullshit; others, like performing pelvic exams on unconscious surgery patients without our knowledge or consent are less new [this example is pretty new to public awareness] but still fucking GROSS). At different points the playlist was much longer (but I don't need to include songs from every Canadian artist I kinda like) or much more angrily political (but that's hijacking, and there are better fora); I've tried to tame it down to artists or tracks I'm really fond of right now and which I feel stand out in some particular way, and use the Canadian identity issues mostly as a substrate. I'm posting it for everybody to enjoy, although I do especially hope that you specifically, [livejournal.com profile] johnnypurple, find some tracks or artists really warm you (or cool you, or whatever you need most this week). My title for the project is "A Case of You".

music and stories )

ETA: BONUS TRACK! This totally should have been on the list, except that I hadn't listened to the album all the way through before I posted:
The Cliks (Toronto), We Are The Wolverines
We all come from the wheel and fire
We are, we are, we are the wolverines
Burning in your heart's desire
We are, we are, we are the wolverines

Because the Cliks are awesome and Lucas Silveira is a rock'n'roll god in the ascendant phase. Because Wolverine is a strange kind of Canadian icon even when he's played by an Australian in American movies (comic books do weird things to geography--cities, worlds, bodies, plausibilities). Because the first year I volunteered at the Winnipeg Folk Festival I had a conversation with Billy fucking Bragg about how he hadn't been a very good goatherd (no joke) and he hypothesized that in Canada wolverines would be the dominant menace re: disinterring livestock, rather than foxes which were the problem where he'd worked (they're not). Because the wolverine at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg is a total camwhore. Because the song is sexy and somehow inspiring even if I'm not sure I quite get it. Wolverines!


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