The people on the other side of the wall seem to have finally concluded/abandoned their almost hour-long screaming argument. I almost admire the dedication and stamina required (I'm fairly sure I can't yell that much in one sitting).
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Well, may they them that thing nevermore neither, as "not worse" little much partakes it of the ilk of "good".
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Oh, dear.

What is A+ about that icon usage though is it looks like Defrosted Steve is lying there thinking "gee, this reminds me of arguments in the tenements in the 1930s...."
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DUDE. Isn't that in Juvenal? "You lie there in your tenement sweating to death and listen to the traffic in the streets and people yelling and lovers quarreling...." Something like that.

Also A+ icon use of Jessica Jones for freaky neighbours. I loved how she threw her boot up at the ceiling and plaster came down. Imagine her pitching a ballgame!

JESS: Yeah right.


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