1. School is happening again. I had grand plans for getting so much knitting and pleasure reading and voluntary socializing done over the winter break, and instead I mostly played Mass Effects 1-3. For a month. Because "obsessively" is the only way I know how to play computer/video games. I'm kind of in love with the world-building and want to hug many of the major characters, and I can say lots of more specific things if anybody wants to hear (read) them.

2. I did read Slow Seduction and Slow Satisfaction, the middle and end of Cecilia Tan's BDSM erotic romance trilogy, because they are snack food. The plot gets kinda ridiculous over the course of the series, IMHO, though nothing on the level of Mr. Benson. The prose is engaging and there are enough interesting/sympathetic characters to merit actually reading rather than just skimming for the saucy bits.

CTan is one of the coolest people I've ever met (definitely the most famous person who has let me stay at their house) and one of the few good things to come out of the Fifty Shades craze is that publishers will finally print the kind of stories she's been trying to sell for years. If I still worked in a bookstore I would do everything I could to steer people interested in this kind of book towards the ones written by capable kink activist/educators and experienced authors.

3. At the end of November I lost the nearly half-finished Bat'leth scarf I was making for a looooong-time friend on the subway and honestly I am still grieving.

4. Creative brain has swung back around to wanting (really badly) to write. I have lots of medium to huge (mostly MCU, some GoT and small fandoms, now Mass Effect) things stewing in my brain/gdocs/the notepad app on my iPod but I'm very open to prompts as a goad to write and share short stuff, so let's reopen this >7 month-old prompt post, shall we?

5. Skimming back over old posts looking for the prompts one, realize I never gave an important update on the rotten pot-smoking downstairs neighbour (whom I might have only mentioned under access lock?): he's gone! Long gone actually, left in early November. Ejected by his roommates. Apparently recalcitrant about leaving; Phil(l)ip the Good Neighbour asked if I'd be willing to help if they needed to present a case to the landlord or LTB to get him out. Didn't end up being necessary but yes, I was willing.
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I have now seen Cap USA and Winter Soldier and know what MCU fandom is talking about! \o/

Thank God pot-smoking neighbour is gone. The people immediately downstairs used to spark up at like eight in the morning and I found it simultaneously triggering/annoying/physically nauseating. Since pot was legalized all of Seattle is FULL of skunkweed smoke.
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My reaction to the news that the next movie will be about Iron Man in a dickwaving contest with Cap was: 'BUT THE NEXT MOVIE HAS TO BE FURY AND CAP AND NATASHA AND SAM AND MARIA AND SHARON ON AN EPIC ROAD TRIP TO RESCUE BUCKY'

ahem yeah.
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Sam and Steve in a 'borrowed' van! Sam making epic roadtrip mixes! Having late-night conversations about PTSD! Steve sharing little tiny intimate moments of Bucky and Peggy during the war and Sam talking about his lost buddy!

Then Tasha and Nick would be trying to find Bucky FOR STEVE as well as gathering info about whatever whatever stupid Civil War plot ("I'm multitasking") and they would keep running into each other and finally team up and Tasha would be all YOU DIDN'T TRUST ME and Nick would be like I CAN'T TRUST ANYONE and there would be reluctant angry re-bonding. And then Maria would show up and Sharon and something something because I don't really know anything about canon, other than Maria is hott and Sharon is Peggy's niece, and they would realize everyone is after Bucky (Who got the Bucky?) and have to run to catch up with Sam and Steve who would be almost on Bucky (that's what she said) and epic Black Widow fight scenes and they would FIND BUCKY and he would remember Tasha AND.

And then Evil Dead Robert Redford pops up as a hologram in the van's GPS and smirks exposition at them or something, I dunno.

I may have....thought way too much about this.

(The other Steve Finds Bucky plotline I have been thinking of is Bucky drifts around DC sorta like a homeless vet because that's what he is really and visits the exhibition until he gets nervous, and then Sam looks up during a PTSD meeting and sees Bucky hiding in the shadows in the back room and is all HOLY SHIT BUCKY but keeps his cool because Sam, and talks to him, and Bucky is all YOU ALL KNOW ME AND I DON'T KNOW ANYONE and Sam says You know Steve and calls Steve on the road and is like, He was here the whole time. And Steve shows up and Bucky is at the museum and they go through the exhibit yet again in the Worst Matching Supersoldier Ball Cap Disguises ever and a little kid sees them and then evil Toby Jones shows up and is a virtual worm in the museum's electronic docent system or something. FIGHT SCENE in the museum, they're still fighting together, in the wreckage of their past and the war is never over. Then Tasha shows up and kicks ass and Maria and Sharon are driving the van and Fury is like: GET IN. And Bucky is in the back of a crowded van packed full of his past and supersoldiers and spies and has no clue and it smells like supersoldier feet and he just keeps thinking I know Steve, I know Steve.)

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Elaborate headcanon based ENTIRELY on the post-credits ten-second-long heartbreaking scene where Seb Stan still doesn't have any lines and broke my heart again anyway.
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He sure is! the pretty little jerk. And he had to do it WITHOUT THE LOWER HALF OF HIS FACE, TOO. And that bit where he just opens his mouth for the rubber guard thing, AUGH.

.....ohmyGod I realized he reminds me of Eliot on Leverage, except with guns and a metal arm. They even have similar hair.


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