Welp. I've paid the ontariocolleges.ca application fee and requested the necessary undergrad transcript (pleased with myself both for keeping my undergrad student ID in a relatively logical place and for correctly guessmembering my student number without consulting it!). Doesn't mean I can't chicken out but having put money and paperwork into this means the plan's officially in motion. Now I wait for the transcript to be received and vetted and for the college to send my offer of admission.

In the meantime, I'm still soliciting fic prompts over at my last post, and all the commentfic there plus one of the several previously on-pause stories are now up on AO3.


That's it?

Ooh, important ETA: I'm pretty sure the roommate's cat is involved in a blood feud with one of my houseplants. I water any other plant in the apartment and the cat could not give a shit; I water the one she chews on and she's up in my face annoyed that I'm giving succor to the enemy.


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