So I know I've owed a mix to [personal profile] dragovianknight for approximately one million months and I've owed one to [personal profile] garden_hoe21 for nearly half that long, and in light of the overdueness these probably look a little half-assed, but I've actually had to fight myself down from a Sisyphean quest for curatorial completeness just to get these danged things posted so here are some unsorted collections of 1) "music to write fight scenes by" and 2) music to carry someone off to sleep, posted together because I like the pseudo-symmetry. I might try to make up for the sloppiness with more mixes, later.

Fairly self-explanatory: mostly fairly up-tempo and aggressive sounding and/or with combative/rallying lyrics (contain various violent references & "Green Light" jokes about pedophilia), but overall not particularly "hard" because at the end of most days I am a squishy hippie folkie.

Alice in Chains - "Them Bones"
Ani DiFranco - "Outta Me Onto You"
Billy Bragg & Wilco - "All You Fascists"
Billy Bragg - "North Sea Bubble"
Bjork - "Army of Me"
Boys Boys Boys! - "Billy"
The Buzzcocks - "Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)"
Christine Fellows - "Surprise!"
Clutch - "You Can't Stop Progress"
Controller.Controller - "City of Daggers"
The Creepshow - "Grave Diggers" and "Psycho Ball and Chain"
Die Mannequin - "Saved by Strangers" (recommend their whole discography for angry writing; happy to share on request)
The Dresden Dolls - "Necessary Evil"
Elliott Brood - "Wolfgang"
Fiona Apple - "Limp"
Firewater - "Green Light (In Stereo)"
Greg MacPherson - "Company Store"
The Headstones - "Blowtorch" and "Come On"
HorrorPops - "Bring It On!"
Indigo Girls with K's Choice - "Rockin' in the Free World"
Pat Benatar - "Hit Me with Your Best Shot"
Pink - "Trouble"
The Pixies - "Alec Eiffel" and "Head On"
Wax Mannequin - "Animals Jump" and "Bleed, Jimmy"
Weeping Tile - "Chicken"
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Heads Will Roll"

Soothing songs, skewed a bit towards stuff I listened to as a kid and have warm nostalgia for (hence all the .wmas; stuff I ripped when my parents split up and we all moved away because I wanted to keep it but not enough to claim the hard copy), but mostly aimed at adult sleepers?

Ani DiFranco - "She Says"
Billy Bragg - "Moving the Goalposts"
Christine Fellows - "Seconds After"
Cry Cry Cry - "The Kid"
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - "Gentle Soldier of My Soul"
Eileen McGann - "Canoe Song at Twilight"
The Fugitives - "Prairie Eyes"
Hey Rosetta - "Psalm"
Iron & Wine - "Fever Dream" and "Passing Afternoon"
Jolie Holland - "Old Fashioned Morphine"
Kate Rusby - "Who Will Sing Me Lullabies"
Kim Barlow - "Rest" and "Lullaby for Anxious Parents"
Lucy Kaplansky - "Guinevere"
Mary Chapin Carpenter - "I Am a Town" and "The Moon and St. Christopher"
Night Sun - "Breathing" and "Summer Songs"
Sarah Harmer - "Go to Sleep"
Sarah McLachlan - "Song for a Winter's Night"
The Spoils - "Happiness"
Spring Breakup - "Dogs in Berlin"
Stephen Fearing - "Coryanna" and "So Many Miles Away"
Wax Mannequin - "Animals Come Home"
Weeping Tile - "Goin' Out"
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From: [personal profile] kore

OMG how did you know I needed a lullaby mix. //grabs

ETA Sarah Harmer - "Go to Sleep" Oh God, she's so fantastic. If I could wear mp3s out, that one would be a stub.
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