Hello [livejournal.com profile] rarewomen exchange partner! Thank you for making a present for me :) I am pretty easy to please when it comes to exchange fic; if it makes you happy to write I'm sure it will make me happy to read.

In terms of general preferences, I'm cool with gen and all kinds of 'ship fic (f/f and f/m and combinations thereof obviously being more relevant to this exchange than m/m, but poly or mono, platonic or romantic, kinky or vanilla, sexual or ace or other kinds of play, and any rating is fine), though I have a special fondness for queer/pansexual poly kinksters like meeee and I prefer complicated friendships and characters working out their boundaries and baggage to narratives where Twoo Wuv conquers whatever. Angst and crack are both welcome, though I would strongly prefer that you avoid glamourizing rape, drug and alcohol ab/use, and abusive relationship tropes (I know avoiding these themes entirely will be hard for some of these characters, but don't make like they're cool or sexy cuz I say from experience, they're not).

"Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Women: Irene Adler, Madame Simza Heron, Mary Watson (nee Morstan)
Optional Details: Any kind of gen or shippy interaction between any or all of these three women will delight me."

Sherlock Holmes is one of those fandoms I love to read but am afraid to write in because I get hung up on canon and period accuracy (neuroses!), so anything here would be a boon because it's something I can't make for myself. I also refuse to listen to casting haters because I love these three actors and the way they give life to these characters. I prefer a fanon interpretation of Mary as the D in a D/s relationship with Watson, but can easily see her as a switch with Irene or Sim. Crossdressing would be a bonus here, if you want to write it. Oh, and when I said "any kind of interaction" above I meant at least vaguely affectionate; some rivalry or impatience between the characters would be fine but no outright hate and no competition for someone else's affection.

"Fandom: Whip It
Women: Bloody Holly, Maggie Mayhem, Rosa Sparks, Smashley Simpson, Eva Destruction
Optional Details: Anything Whip It will make me happy. If you want to do something shippy, I'd prefer Eva Destruction/Rosa Sparks or any combination of Holly/Maggie/Smashley. Holly is my favourite favourite."

I LOVE THIS MOVIE and I especially love Zoƫ Bell, so a Holly-centric or POV story would be fanbloodytastic. Any rating is fine, gen is great as this is already such an awesome fandom for fun supportive female friendships, but if you want my personal take on the characters' sex preferences: I think Eva and Rosa are in a relationship where they do a lot of roleplay, Maggie falls naturally into nurturing dominance with her teammates, Holly is an enthusiastically consenting switch, and Smashley is sort of a supersensualist hedonist who loves having her hair played with (I'm also into Bliss/Maven, if you want to throw that into the background somewhere).

"Fandom: Parks and Recreation
Women: Ann Perkins, Leslie Knope, Donna Meagle, Tammy Swanson II, Lucy
Optional Details: I'd love a story about Tammy II doing her thing, gen or with somebody other than Ron (f/f or m/f or more)"

Tammy II is an amazing, frightening creature and I'd love to see more of her scary inner world, but as entertaining as Tammy and Ron are together I'd like to see more of her relationships with other people/see her in relationships with other people (before, after, between, or even during her stints with Ron). Of course, if you don't feel like writing Tammy, I love the other characters too, and would squee just as much for the Adventures of Donna or some sweet Ann/Leslie :)

I . . . kinda really don't want to take this placeholder picture out, now. Falcon punch!
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