Today's Snowflake challenge is to "rec at least three fanworks that you think would make a good intro into XYZ fandom," which sort of fits in with my More Joy Day plan of talking about a bunch of media things, except that was going to mostly be about sources, not fanworks, so now I have to figure out which ones even work for reccing with fanworks. Small, but not too small--like, I could rec all three Trigger fics in the AO3 because they are all very good (even though I kind of feel like one-and-a-half of the ones that aren't by me are maybe more appropriately considered Hard Core Logo fic because they're so much about Bill[y], who, yes, is in Trigger, but for barely more than one scene, and--no, I take that back, I sound like Robert Sawyer trying to claim the title of Only Living Canadian Science Fiction Writer because all the others are really American, or don't exclusively write sci-fi, or are women, etc., and that's just not cool. They are good stories and it is the same universe so why am I being silly? I just hope that more people write in this fandom and write about the amazing women in it). And some of the things I thought of to mention today (now yesterday) don't have anything in the AO3 (which I know is not the only place that fic lives, but for all its problems it is the one that I like best), so how about . . .

Miranda is a contemporary take on the classic live-audience sitcom set-up and the screwball slapstick sensibilities of 'Allo 'Allo! and Fawlty Towers, and the primary vehicle of comedian Miranda Hart, who is hilariously funny. She's also 6'1" and rather bendy, and her sitcom persona is charmingly awkward and prone to falling down or bursting into song, dance, nudity, or ridiculous lies in stressful situations. She owns and lives above a joke shop in Surrey managed by her best friend Stevie (Sarah Hadland) and has a close though tense relationship with her very middle-class but sexually assertive mother Penelope (Patricia Hodge) and her neologistically inclined boarding school chum Tilly (Sally Phillips). Next door to Miranda's joke shop stands the restaurant managed by Clive (James Holmes) and cheffed (that's a verb!) by Miranda's longtime friend and crush Gary Preston (Tom Ellis). The program very quickly builds a tight repertoire of verbal and physical running gags, but still manages to find fresh twists for every episode of the two-to-date series (third will air Fall 2012), and it is addictively quotable. There is a fair bit of nonconsensual humiliation (it is a sitcom, and viewers with embarrassment squicks may want to tread carefully--I'm happy to offer opinions on what to skip for particular triggers), including more than occasional fat jokes and gags about Miranda's laziness, even though she's actually quite energetic and active, and her gluttony, which I prefer to think of as hedonism, but it's brushed off or subverted as often as it is allowed to strike: Miranda is mostly pretty happy with her life and her body and is very good at making her own fun. The first episode does skirt a bit close to trans!fail in addressing Miranda's reactions to being mistaken for a man, but it's not mean-spirited and I don't think it's too bad (though I am comparing it to things like Wire in the Blood, which, yeah . . .). The show is also pretty self- and socially aware; Miranda herself has some hang-ups but the series as a whole is pleasingly sex-positive (I think), and Miranda Hart (the real person) has spoken more than once about the difficulties facing women in comedy and about male viewers "[allowing themselves] to find this woman funny", and there's a neat behind-the-scenesy video where she interviews Tom Ellis about playing "the totty" and being surrounded by funny women. It's . . . kind of a hard show to rec, because it really is SO much better experienced than described, and even the fanworks I've picked to showcase it really don't do it justice because so much of the comedy is contextual or grounded in character relationships. Still, we try:

"Suddenly I See Miranda" (above) is definitely the best vid for the series that I've seen (the vids are actually quite numerous but mostly recycle the same slapstick/dance/physical business clips with varying degrees of editing skill or are over-the-top shippy in ways that I really don't feel for this show--Miranda and Gary are ADORABLE together, but they do not nauseate me with the twoo wuv meant-to-BS) because it gets at both the depth and the glee that weave throughout the program. The bits at the beginning are from the episode openers wherein Miranda welcomes viewers (there's a lot of direct-address asides and cut-to-flashbacks and imaginary sequences) and provides some background ("previously in my life . . .") more or less tangential to the episode to follow. "Don't Feel like Dancin'" is also pretty good for the physical business and the fun of the show, and for incorporating clips with audio over instrumental bits of the song, because as great as the physical comedy and facial expressiveness are the footage loses a lot when stripped of dialogue or original music and decontextualized (I'm not actually sure these vids are funny to people who can't place the clips in context?).

And although there's not much fic for it and what there is, again, is probably more enjoyable if you can recognize the recurring jokes, there are a few good ones in the Archive; my not-written-by-me picks are "Sun, Sand, and Sneezing (Mostly just the Sneezing)" and "Don't Stop Moving", though those are both pretty shippy. We need more gen and more Miranda/Tilly (Miranda/Stevie and Miranda/cabdriver also accepted). And more Penny! And if animated .gifs count as fanworks, then there is no shortage (this is one of many tumblrs devoted to the subject).

More More Joy Day recs coming up . . .
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ahhhhh my eyes! next time spoiler cut, okay? not a huge huge deal, but it does matter to me. and I haven't seen the new parksnrec yet. thanks!


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