OMG NEW PARKS AND RECREATION SPOILERS ) Okay, now that's out of the way . . .

Today's Snowflake challenge is to "rec at least three fanworks that you think would make a good intro into XYZ fandom," which sort of fits in with my More Joy Day plan of talking about a bunch of media things, except that was going to mostly be about sources, not fanworks, so now I have to figure out which ones even work for reccing with fanworks. Small, but not too small--like, I could rec all three Trigger fics in the AO3 because they are all very good (even though I kind of feel like one-and-a-half of the ones that aren't by me are maybe more appropriately considered Hard Core Logo fic because they're so much about Bill[y], who, yes, is in Trigger, but for barely more than one scene, and--no, I take that back, I sound like Robert Sawyer trying to claim the title of Only Living Canadian Science Fiction Writer because all the others are really American, or don't exclusively write sci-fi, or are women, etc., and that's just not cool. They are good stories and it is the same universe so why am I being silly? I just hope that more people write in this fandom and write about the amazing women in it). And some of the things I thought of to mention today (now yesterday) don't have anything in the AO3 (which I know is not the only place that fic lives, but for all its problems it is the one that I like best), so how about . . .

Miranda! )

More More Joy Day recs coming up . . .
Really quite impressed (and pleased) with how successful this initiative (15 days of fanlove challenges) is so far! Yay Aka & Luce & Ande!

Day 1

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Drop a link to your post in the comments.

blah blah blah why I don't cross-post much )
1. way more than three fics I am fond or proud of )

2. I am generally pretty smug about my playlist/mix-making skills, so every mix I've posted gets a self-rec, but my particular favourites-of-the-moment are the two most recent ones (If We're Not Horses [due South/Dollhouse] and No Two Snowflakes [BSG]) and General Issue (Life or Death We Want You) [The Losers], and I'm also very proud of parts of the lengthy meta for Empty Lots and Early Graves (Murder Ballad Mix), although I'm kicking myself for forgetting HorrorPops' "Highway" and The Creepshow's "Long Way Down" and "Undead Eyes" when I was making it (they'll have to go on the sequel, along with Die Mannequin's "Dead Honey").

3. I am genuinely disappointed not to have recieved any online feedback on Media Erotometrics, the multi-fandom video installation project I did for a conference in March 2011, so I do want to rec that as a plea for attention. I know it's a commitment to watch (an hour long) and the technical quality is not great (I do plan to produce an improved/updated version using better and more varied video source and better software at some point) but for an absurdly ambitious first vidding project I don't think it's too shabby, and I'm pretty pleased with some of the commentary I worked in (assuming that anyone else reads it the way that I hope they will, of course).

Promotional piggyback! Go offer and bid on stuff at [community profile] scarleteenfans auction raising money to support the sexual health education site. You are particularly welcome to bid on my offers (the usual fanmixes and custom knitting work--no bids yet so you can probably win them cheap cheap cheap) and to outbid me on the offers I've bid on, because I cannot really afford to win them all right now.
Who has two thumbs and is eager to receive her Festivids assignment? I offered a pretty long list of fandoms, so I'm curious to see what I'll get matched on. In the meantime I'm keeping those itchy vidding digits busy making stuff for [community profile] kink_bingo, to post during amnesty, while also waiting for word on actual paying work (should probably send off a round of applications for seasonal retailmonkeywork before the window closes).

Speaking of [community profile] kink_bingo, I'm pretty proud of what I accomplished this year. it ain't bragging if it's true, Dan Bern says Cassius Clay said )

Thinking about whether to sign up for any other challenges this season (dSSS, Yuletide, three_ships, etc.), or to just focus on what's already on my plate (the aforementioned + finishing auctioned music mixes, podfic, and as-yet unclaimed knitting project from [ profile] helpsomalia, and leaning toward the latter because I don't know what curveballs life might throw at my head. I will be on the lookout for small promptfests and the like, when I have spoons, and may try hosting a few or participating more in [community profile] duesouth_kink and [community profile] fic_promptly.

On that approximate note: I know I'm late jumping in on Five Acts Exchange Round Five, but I thought I'd give it a try. Basically, to play, you post a list of five acts/kinks/tropes/themes you like to read about to your own journal, along with a list of fandoms and ships you prefer to read, and then link the list back to the master list above, so that people can find it and leave you ficcy presents (or potentially presents in any medium--it's geared towards commentfic but I don't think the rules disallow other fanworks). Anyway, this is what I'm in the mood for right now )

ETA: Five Acts is fun! )

Also, I renewed my Dreamwidth subscription for another six months! Yaaaay paid features and warm feelings of supporting a good cause!
My plan was to stay in as much as possible this weekend to work on the Paying Gig and to save my spoons for the next three which will be busy-busy (I'm already double- or triple-booked at one or more points each next weekend and the one two after, and the one between is Headstones Time). That hasn't quite worked out so far, mostly because our new roommates MJ (human), Alaska (old lady poodle dog), Beowulf (pushy cat), and Shiloh (dim bulb cat, who is either lost in the dark downstairs right now or attempting to echolocate) moved in for real today, and between helping to move things in and move things around and assemble Ikea furniture (and, tbh, plotting my C6Dbb in chat with fellow participants--thanks again for helping me pick a bunny!--and watching Festivids vids, see below) ate up more of the day and evening than anticipated. Sigh.

[community profile] festivids went live today! I didn't participate, but I did upload a couple of sources to a secret source place for vidders to use, so I feel a little like I contributed anyway. I've really enjoyed almost every link I've clicked on. these are some of my favourites in approximate order of increasing adoration )
[This is a post/apocalyptic music mix for [ profile] aruna_sharat, the first of three mixes commissioned in the [ profile] help_pakistan auction (these were all supposed to be done by October 1st, I know, but I just kept adding stuff!). I loved the suggested theme and was inspired to play around with presentation style, hence the stream-of-consciousness story-thing behind the first cut. I tried to incorporate the song titles into the text, and provided a legend with song and artist names at the end. You may download the songs individually or get all 33 tracks in one convenient .zip..]

Bury your dead and celebrate
the world is ending (finally)
take off your shoes and run

So you'll sleep in and show up late and the raft will leave without you. )

track listing )

ETA: Image of drowned London is a painting by Marco Bauriedel.

ALSO, if you have enjoyed this selection of post/apocalyptic music, you may enjoy [personal profile] sabotabby's answering Post-Apocalypso (a spooky October mixtape) just as much or maybe more!

ETA: now with proper nifty cover art by [ profile] sfslim!
Will write about my totally shit weekend soon (filtered post); for now here are a bunch of links to 3W4DW-related funses I rounded up (mostly) last week:

what is 3W4DW, you ask? )

Stuff I've flagged to come back to (mostly fannish, mostly for my own reference): linkies )


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