1. Murderfamily recommendation: Burke and Hare (2010). Not a horror movie, although it's got serious horror cred (directed by John Landis [An American Werewolf in London] with cameos from Christopher Lee, Ray Harryhausen, and a sword-wielding Jenny Agutter, to scratch the surface) and bristles with murder, mayhem, and medical dissection (latter can get pretty graphic; murders themselves tend more to slapstick than gore). Rather, it's a wicked little loosely historical comedy with an excellent cast about the business of death.

2. 2016 = Year of the Snot. Feels like I've been microbe-sick (on top of the usual fibro business) more days than I've been "healthy" thus far this year. Probably more like a fifth or a quarter but it's still unusual for me to have two mini colds and a vigorous flu within seven weeks when I usually go through around four infections per year.

3. Random badass Avatar vid via [personal profile] garden_hoe21

4. Like riding a rickety deathtrap bicycle: I can still read academic fluently, although I'm unsurprisingly tentative trying to speak it. No, I'm not trying to exhume my thesis, although I am setting myself up to review some things I read in uni and grad school and crack open some of the books I didn't (and some of what I'm looking at could be called on if I ever do cut Damocles' thread). I'm looking for text addressing or applicable to horror cinema, to which end I've also (probably unwisely) picked up some new-to-me volumes at used book stores around town, including the game-changer: Carol Clover's 1992 Men, Women, and Chain Saws: Gender in the Modern Horror Film. So far I've read the available free sample of The Canadian Horror Film: Terror of the Soul (edited by Gina Freitag and Andre Loiselle, 2015) and am most of the way through The Horror Film (Peter Hutchings, 2004--will have to share quotes at some point; find I often agree with him on general approach but disagree with readings of particular films). If anybody cares I can type up a provisional book list, but I don't imagine anybody does.

5. Another thing's been bubbling around my tiny head, seemingly at the opposite end of the pool from horror (and academia), and that's the notion of hygge (I'd challenge the conviction of absolute opposition, but that's another witter). I want to do something with hygge as a mood/theme in a (fannish) creative capacity but I'm not sure what/how. I was planning just to ask for prompts for myself that could work with the idea (senses of comfort, warmth, self- and other-care) with a note inviting others to play along, but I didn't, and (because this is me) it started getting ambitious. I know better than to go hog wild and create a comm that I wouldn't have spoons to maintain if it took off, which it wouldn't because I'm not that popular, but is it worth making a post for public sharing of prompts and commentfic? I don't know if I'd even be able to write anything--I still haven't finished any of the other (some decidedly less hyggelig) stories I'm trying to work on--but I want to.
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I have been trying to claw my way through Monster Theory lately. Good times.
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No, it's very good; I'm just out of the habit of academic prose and my attention span is for shit lately. (I am, actually, largely reading it for Lear reasons, because my hindbrain is telling me there's something interesting to be done with all the monstrous-feminine rhetoric.)

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That would be a great help. I have barely done any digging at all, but those both look super useful.

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I like that Avatar vid.

Hope the flu's gone, or at least much better.

hygge can be seen as something that goes with a sociability descended from a public-feasting aspect of culture (and which didn't survive as well in the anglosphere because Cromwell; it went private much earlier) rather than an initially private one. "This is the way you should feel at a celebration."

I can see that as in tension with horror, which is (maybe) "You should not feel this way at all."
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Boo, sweltering.

Hope the wretched flu is entirely better soon-like.

"The vent's been closed for days and it just keeps getting hotter" sounds like the hook for a very disturbing story about space-stations.

I had indeed misundercomprehended your intent about applying hygge as a concept. (And now I want to name a character Meget Uhyggelig.)
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Meget Uhyggelig presumably lives on no particular space station for very long, but a succession of space stations seems not unlikely.

Loom, I don't know; that'd (given the supposed-process-of-translation rules for language implications) be a vaguely threatening choice of independent name. Not so much as, say, the Independent Fear would be.

There's an Independent Lim back in the First Commonweal; an Independent Weave would be entirely within the nomenclatural tradition. (So much so that asking me this question may have called them into existence.)
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I found your journal by searching for other people interested in "hygge" and it appears to just be the two of us. Which is to say it might be easier to start things off by collecting fics on AO3 tagged with "hygge" or related terms.
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After double-checking, there's only two hygge-tagged fics on the AO3. But there's no reason you can't make a little collection of your favorites to serve as an example of the genre, whether they're tagged as such or not.

Let's go with coincidence. They're usually more fun.


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