Have re-uploaded the murder ballad mix I put together for [community profile] kink_bingo in 2011; hopefully all the links work. And I have more murdery songs to share with you! This isn't really a playlist, at this point, there's no order to it, just a mass grave for music.

"She's Not There", Neko Case & Nick Cave

"Highway", the HorrorPops
This really should have been on the original list but I missed it somehow when I was putting it together--I knew there was a HorrorPops song I wanted to use but couldn't remember which one it was, and apparently didn't check this one when I was looking.

"Knoxville Girl", Brett Sparks with the Pine Valley Cosmonauts
"Miss Otis Regrets", Jenny Toomey with the Pine Valley Cosmonauts
"The Snakes Crawl at Night", Janet Bean with the Pine Valley Cosmonauts
Gender-neutral partner violence!
"Gary Gilmore's Eyes", Dean Schlabowske with the Pine Valley Cosmonauts
Amazing song, about the recipient of the donated eyes of an executed murderer and the question of is vs. does (i.e., is murderiness inherent in the tissue of a murderer's body, and can it thereby live on after the murderer's death).
"The Plans We Made", Jon Langford and Sally Timms with the Pine Valley Cosmonauts
Murdercouples! [personal profile] thatyourefuse, I think you might like this one.
^ These are all from the first volume of The Executioner's Last Songs, an anthology of songs about death assembled in support of a campaign to abolish the death penalty in Illinois.

"Salt Salt Sea", The Railsplitters
Breezy, interesting spin on "The House/Ship's Carpenter"/"The Daemon Lover"/"James Harris".

Added 25/02/16
"The Box It Came In", Anna Fermin & The Trigger Gospel
Wanda Jackson cover from an album of same, awesome tribute to an awesome lady.

Added 29/03/16
"Bicker Fable", Kim Barlow
Variation on "Two Sisters"/"The Bonny Swans"/etc. narrative.
"Lucy & Jack", Moonshine Willy
"If he can't have her no one will, you've heard it all before"
"Cat-eye Willie Claims His Lover", Dave Darter and Tracy Grammer

(There are also a few tracks of this ilk in the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women playlist I posted in December, if you missed that.)


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