Get it? Like the Sleater-Kinney song? Nevermind.

Over a year ago now I had to do an assignment for comms class on the Stephen King essay "Why We Crave Horror Movies" (about which I shall say more later) and as "research" I went a-binge-watching, refreshing myself on things I'd seen before and educating myself on things I hadn't. This fall I went on another binge prompted mostly by a facebook friend's commitment to watch a horror movie a day for the month of October. I didn't copy the idea but in contributing recommendations I reminded myself of Joey Comeau's currently dormant blog I'm into survival. The blog's an entertaining read, presents some interesting analyses, and introduced me to some pretty cool films. I really like Comeau's encouragement to horror movie fans to help stop real violence by supporting the Assaulted Women's Helpline.

Reading back through the entries last month I was reminded . . . I wanna do that. I want to post (rant) about horror movies (and other movies, particularly movies with social justice themes, and I want at some point to try holding the two categories up together). There's no shortage of material, certainly; even if I cover films or topics Comeau's already done I won't be duplicating because I have a different brain in a different body speaking from a different subject position.

I want to launch this (likely not going to last long enough to really qualify as a) series by returning to my original inspiration "Why Stephen King Is Wrong We Crave Horror Movies", not in this post but in one I hope will follow shortly. In the meantime I'm throwing the doors open for requests of subjects you'd like me to write about (films, original vs. remake comparisons, recurrent themes, etc.) and recommendations of stuff for me to look at (films, essays/books/YouTube videos, etc.--I haven't done a lot of secondary source research or read about horror outside the pieces mentioned here but I'd like to, especially feminist analyses of horror and analyses of feminism in/and horror, queer theory, critical disability studies, postcolonial and critical race theory . . .).

Some things I already know I want to write about, no clear idea about order or cross-connections:
- Final Girl vs The Final Girls
- Bone Tomahawk
- Crimson Peak and contemporary online media fandom persistently woobifying Tom Hiddleston and/vs. . . .
- horror fandom and horror filmmaking as professionalized fan-culture (Rob Zombie's directorial career, homages? to earlier aesthetics e.g. The House of the Devil and We Are Still Here, Grindhouse and comprising/related works, Troma Entertainment) and where this does and doesn't overlap with . . .
- contemporary self-aware horror (especially horror-comedy/satire like Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, The Cabin in the Woods, and The Final Girls)
- remakes and reboots and revivals, oh my (Carrie, Halloween, The Woman in Black, The Wolf Man)
- "sexy" horror and horror of sex/specifically female sexuality (Piranha and Strippers vs Werewolves etc. vs. Ginger Snaps, Under the Skin, It Follows, Teeth, The Final Girls again; Hostel's deliberate multi-axis subversion of the FG archetype)
- feminism feminism feminism (gendered/sexualized violence, relative prevalence of women and Bechdel passes in horror vs. almost any other film genre and implications for employment and visibility vs treatment of women on screen and on set and the existence of the "scream queen", Strong Female Characters, franchise heroines and trauma survivors e.g. Halloween and Scream series and Copycat)
- horror films vs. historical drama and the territory of the truly horrific
- zombie saturation; "zombie movies" that don't have zombies they're not zombies stop calling them zombies (Pontypool, 28 Days Later)
- works of Neil Marshall, Sebastian Gutierrez, GdT, Eli Roth . . .

Obviously if you're interested in reading this stuff and want me to warn/tag/grey-out anything in particular, please let me know.


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