Is it bad that I kinda wish I did have Lyme disease? (Pretty sure I don't, but will get phlebotomized when lab is open just in case.) It would be such a great excuseplanation for all the failboating I've been doing the last few weeks, and if antibiotics can help make that go away? Sign me the fuck up.

In other news: late to the party once again, but a couple of people in my dwircle have done variations of a meme-format prompt solicitation that looked like fun, except they generated lists from bingo challenge cards and I'm not signing up for anything new right now. I do however have this untouched card from the last round of [community profile] kink_bingo to play with, so . . .

Leave me a number between 1 and 24 and a something (link to a song, a picture, etc.), and I will attempt to write you 100+ words of fic.

Specific requests/suggestions for squares on the card are also very welcome, though I can't promise I'll follow up on any of them.
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From: [personal profile] garden_hoe21

Oh man, I want to pick all of them! But, I will go with endurance.

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From: [personal profile] thatyourefuse

18 (warning for twirlylights in video)
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From: [personal profile] graydon

You must be feeling very punchy indeed to wonder if it's OK to wish that the problem was something readily treatable.

Of course that's OK. That's one of the better futures.


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