Today I have done all of the laundry and none of the homework. I also skipped the class the homework was due in partly for that reason but also (and officially) because when I woke up my hip was actually screaming. Feeling much better now, knock on wood, which is good because I have to put my shoes on so I can go to the other class, at least.

Today's just weird, folks. I don't know. The US just nationalized same-sex marriage recognition, there's an itchy and almost perfectly circular rash on my arm that I think might be ringworm (so glad I knew there's no kind of worm involved before googling, else I would be FREAKING OUT), my strawberry plant suddenly covered itself in spider mites (no other plants seem affected, knock on wood again, and I have sprayed everything in that room down with diluted rosemary oil). If any interesting reactions to my "Polyamorous Bisexual Switch" shirt occur, I shall be sure to report them.
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