Convince me to do my homework now so it's done and I can go see Fury Road and then squee for as many hours as necessary without stupid homework getting in the way (if movie is half as good as people I trust say it is I will be happy).

Twelve more weeks of school. Applying for part-time jobs in the meantime, so far with no luck. Trying to figure out how to successfully specialize in accounting for nonprofits (meeting with one of my instructors next week to get some advice). Would like some money and feelings of usefulness now, please.

What else is going on in my life? Hm. I had a peritonsillar abscess (ball'o'pus in the space next to where my right tonsil would be if I still had tonsils causing progressively worsening unilateral ear and throat pain, made swallowing and yawning particularly unpleasant) but it's gone now (thanks antibiotics).

The garden is looking promising. Have I mentioned here that I've finally taken the plunge of putting effort into the front garden beyond minimal weed and overgrowth control? I've been meaning to since the summer after I moved in here but kept missing the spring planting window, until this year I happened to be in a No Frills in early April when there was a huge pile of seed packets in one of the square things at the edge of the produce section and I lightbulbed.

I started by clearing off all the dead leaves and ripping out everything that was already growing, apart from the lilies which I have redistributed (I thought they were tiger but my mum says the leaves look more like day? rich orange flowers when they come in either way). Worked in some fresh three-way mix and piled some of the dirt up in a long curving hill, which is where the watermelons that I have started inside will go once I am confident it's warm enough and satisfied that the marigolds I planted there to keep them company/repel pests/attract pollinators are growing in the right place--the yard is full of wee sprouty things but so far I can't tell the marigolds from the poppies from the do-not-wants. Put down some recycled plastic stepping "stones". Planted seeds (marigolds, mixed white and orange and red and yellow Icelandic poppies, and three varieties of sunflowers--giant yellow ones, less giant red ones, and low clustery ones). Stuck a pre-started bleeding heart from the parking lot garden centre in the shadier bit on the north side under the tree.

Knitting-wise, I have finally picked up needles again and finished one new design (hat using and inspired by a Nerd Girl Yarns Random Fandom club exclusive colourway from 2014, have to remember to write up pattern and get photos before new Jurassic Park movie) and I'm trying to get another one done in time for the next Knitty submission deadline (June 1).

This time resuming knitting has not stopped me writing, so far (knock on wood); still picking away at many projects, mostly Mass Effect though I'm currently experiencing a resurgence of Flashpoint feels and a weird do-wanna-don't-wanna pull with MCU (have not seen AoU but have heard many extremely displeasing spoilers; will pirate eventually but choosing not to get thrown out of a theatre for yelling at Joss Whedon).

Hoping to attempt Festivids again this year, making list of media to request. Fantasizing about making a Mass Effect vid requiring material from multiple playthroughs of all three games; could splice some of it together from stuff on YouTube like [personal profile] beccatoria did for With Blood (which is an hfjksahlvvvkueb amazing vid, wow) but my idea is more "TEAM BADASS!" with gimmicks than mindbogglingly beautiful play with deep stuff like agency and individuality and fate and branching realities and so on, and I want my Shepard.
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