The internet is back. It's end of term. I want to write but my brain is squiggly. These jelly beans are actually super gross and yet I keep eating them. Give me fic prompts so my hands have something better to do than convey gross jelly beans to my face (there are actually many things my hands could be doing that don't involve gross jelly beans or fic, such as dishes or homework, but here we are).
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Malcolm/Vanessa. I don't care what, so long as it's wrong.
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.....I am so predictable. Or Bucky/Steve. Tasha/Steve. Sam/Steve. Any of 'em!
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Ooh do you want to see mine? Or if none of those sparks anything, I'll see what other people did too....

All mine are on this page right now (aww, it seems to have slowed down a lot)
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I like it too! I also had no idea what to do with it, ahahaha.


Natasha/Sam, open
Natasha/Sam - why the hell not?
Natasha/Steve - what exactly is happening here?
Sam/Steve/Natasha, puddles
Sam/Steve, night in

I love Steve/Nat, Steve/Sam, Sam/Nat. A threesome, sure!


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