I have just introduced my staying-roommate (and, accidentally, some of our neighbours, including one very sweet dog-walker) to the magic of smashing eggs on the street--and now I'm maybe introducing you? If you haven't tried it, do. It's great. Eggs're cheaper and more biodegradable than dishes, and I keep expired eggs in a carton at the back of the fridge for this purpose so I usually have them on hand. Mostly I try to throw them at a sewer grate but unless you're standing right above it and just dropping them the bits will go everywhere (she types as she picks bits of shell off her glasses and out of her cleavage). Screaming is optional but attracts more attention.

I needed to smash eggs because we're looking for another roommate for August and haven't found one yet, which wouldn't be a big deal except I'm getting on a plane on Wednesday and I won't be back until the 30th, and I really, really want to have this situation sorted out before I go. Smashing eggs doesn't (probably) do much to attract roommates, but it's good for transforming scared nervous energy into pumped nervous energy, and, just after we finished with eggs and I started typing this, I got an email from one of the people who came by today (who left so abruptly I was sure we'd done something to turn her right off) saying she is maybe still interested, depending on how she likes the places she's looking at tomorrow, so there is hope yet that I will not be dragging these jitters with me to BC?

(and then I apparently forgot to actually post this last night before I went to sleep.)


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