1. Yarn & other knitting/textile art supplies. I'd really like to join a yarn club this year (currently drawn towards the Nerd Girl Yarns Random Fandom club--it's just yarn, no patterns or schwag, but the price, flexibility, and variety of bases are all appealing, as are the general ethos/energy of the store and the previous colourways/colourway names); don't expect anybody to cover the whole subscription cost (that's a mighty big present) but some money towards that would be nice. Alternatively, if you've got any nice yarn, spinning fibre, buttons, etc., in your stash that you don't intend to use I'd be happy to take it off your hands (or to swap it for something I have no plans for).

2. Recs for cool stuff in any medium.

3. Fan/music mixes. I like music.

4. Offers of places to stay out there in the world if/when I have the money to travel.

5. Test knitters for any of the patterns I intend to write.

6. Good wishes.

7. IDK, that's all I can think of right now, besides I suppose a handful of things I intend to by for myself eventually, like a digital kitchen scale for weighing yarn & stuffgot one now, yay! If you want to create any fanworks just for me (yaaaaaaaaaay) you can take a look at my Five Acts lists below--the meme's framed around fic but I'd be delighted to receive fanworks in any medium.

ETA: I thought of another thing!
8. A less-broken desk chair. This one is about one more missing screw away from outright dangerous.

I'm not posting my contact details in a public post but if you need my physical or paypal address you can PM me.

Five Acts Meme (Round Seven)
+ Post a list of five favorite acts/kinks to read about (erotic or narrative). At the bottom of your post, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
+ Read other people's lists; the master list of lists is here.
+ Post comment-fic based for other people based on their interests.

1. Sex positivity (positive representations of sexuality, kink, consensual non-monogamy, queerness, promiscuity, safer sex and reproductive justice; fuck buddies, sex for fun rather than ~romance~, body positivity, feminism, sexual agency, realistic sexual activity)
2. Wordplay (innuendo, double entendres, banter, dialogue that the characters involved--or at least one of them--recognize as dirty talk or flirting or secret code but that sounds to the unsuspecting like a conversation about knitting or bike maintenance or the weather or something, other complicated or unconventional verbal exchanges)
3. Rough body play (punching, pinching, hairpulling, kicking/kneeing, biting, slapping, etc., in a consensual if not explicitly sexual/kinky context)
4. Cuddling (physical intimacy, comforting touch, hair-stroking and headskritches and other kinds of allogrooming, hugs, spooning, affectionate headbutts, etc.)
5. Weird temporality (non-linear storytelling, beginning in media res, ambiguous endings, etc.)

Fandoms--I'm just going to list characters I like here, because in most cases I'd be at least curious to read them solo, gen, or in any combination and I'm very interested in crossovers
Avengers/MCU - Bruce Banner, Bucky Barnes, Clint Barton, Peggy Carter, Phil Coulson, Jane Foster, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Darcy Lewis, Pepper Potts, James Rhodes, Natasha Romanova, Steve Rogers, Sif, Tony Stark, Thor
Bomb Girls - Kate Andrews, Lorna Corbett, Betty McRae, Gladys Witham, the gangster that George Stroumboulopoulos is apparently playing in the upcoming season
Death Proof - Abernathy, Jungle Julia, Kim, Lee, Zoe
Elementary - Joan Watson
Flashpoint - Sam Braddock, Jules Callaghan, Ed Lane, Donna Sabine
Lewis - James Hathaway, Laura Hobson, Jean Innocent
The Losers - Aisha, Cougar, Jensen, Jolene, Pooch, Roque
Machete - Luz, Sartana
The Unusuals - Allison Beaumont, Monica Crumb, Eric Delahoy, Jason Walsh
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From: [personal profile] hazelwho

I just lost an hour of time oogling the yarnporn over at NGY. Those yarns are gorgeous and drool-worthy even without the completely kick-ass fandom inspirations. NGY is pushing all of my buttons at once!
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From: [personal profile] neeuqdrazil

If you're interested, the grey office-y chair that lives in our living room is free to a good home. :) You have to be careful about lifting it, because the chair comes off the base, but otherwise it's a good, solid chair.


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