Story: A Shift in the Air
Author: [ profile] johnnypurple
Fandom: X-Men (movieverse)
Character(s): Rogue/Logan
Kink(s): blades
Summary: Rogue can't feel anything but isolated. Logan is restlessly well-rested.
Rating: R+
Duration: 19:22
Notes: Expanding on the note on the fic link, this story contains knife(claw)play that is both sexualized and framed in a way that may evoke cutting for self-harm (but not quite both at once?). There's also some edgeplay with Rogue's power. Rogue may be legally underage (no exact dates are given). No other standard content notes apply. My second ever podfic! Thanks to [personal profile] ifreet for feedback on recording. Please let me know if there are any remaining issues.

Download (mp3, 6.34MB)


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