My plan was to stay in as much as possible this weekend to work on the Paying Gig and to save my spoons for the next three which will be busy-busy (I'm already double- or triple-booked at one or more points each next weekend and the one two after, and the one between is Headstones Time). That hasn't quite worked out so far, mostly because our new roommates MJ (human), Alaska (old lady poodle dog), Beowulf (pushy cat), and Shiloh (dim bulb cat, who is either lost in the dark downstairs right now or attempting to echolocate) moved in for real today, and between helping to move things in and move things around and assemble Ikea furniture (and, tbh, plotting my C6Dbb in chat with fellow participants--thanks again for helping me pick a bunny!--and watching Festivids vids, see below) ate up more of the day and evening than anticipated. Sigh.

[community profile] festivids went live today! I didn't participate, but I did upload a couple of sources to a secret source place for vidders to use, so I feel a little like I contributed anyway. I've really enjoyed almost every link I've clicked on. these are some of my favourites in approximate order of increasing adoration )


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